Which Type of Bra is Best to Wear After Breast Augmentation?

Your breasts are important to you. They are more than a part of your body. They make you feel feminine and attractive. When you look at your body in the mirror, you are drawn to your breasts and the curves that they give you. You want them to look their best, regardless of what you are wearing. You’ve tried bras with padding and other types of clothing to enhance what you have in order to see what you would look like if you underwent a breast augmentation procedure.  If you’re seriously considering implant surgery, you need to do your homework first. Everyone thinks about having that larger bust and how it will change the way they look in anything that they wear. However, you rarely hear anyone ask the important question about which type of bra is best after you have increased your breast size. If you want to get the most out of your results, you need to choose the right kind of bra.

What Type of Bra Will Give You Optimal Results After Breast Augmentation?

The first thing you need to realize is that you are going to have to go up in bra size. It seems like common sense, but many women forget that they are going to have to do away with their current bras. It’s going to be time to shop once your breasts have gained more volume through implant surgery. Don’t rush to the store right away after your procedure and spend a fortune on your new bras. You are going to need to give your body an opportunity to heal. Your breasts are going to go through changes after your procedure. Swelling will go down and your implants will shift until they settle into their ideal position. Some plastic surgeons may recommend that you do not wear a bra at all for the six-week healing period after breast augmentation. This will ensure that you don’t affect the position of your implants by placing pressure on them. Other surgeons recommend a type of surgical bra that offers support to your breasts in order to keep your swelling down to a minimum. A supportive bra may help you to minimize your pain as well. A sports bra may be enough to provide support during this period of time. Your plastic surgeon can help you to determine what is best for you.

Choosing Your Bra Once Your Breasts Have Healed After Augmentation

As you consider investing in bras after breast augmentation surgery, you want to make sure your bras are comfortable and that they highlight your breasts. One of the best things you can do is see a professional for a bra fitting. So many women make the mistake of choosing a bra that is not the right size. Not only can this affect the way your breasts look, it can also be extremely uncomfortable. Once you know the right size, you can begin your selection. Think about quality bras. They will cost more, but they will last longer. They will also help your breasts to look amazing. Even when you know the size that is ideal for you, try your bras on. Each manufacturer is different. You may experience different results with different brands. You may want to steer clear underwire bras because they could irritate your incision sites or be uncomfortable. Your comfort should be at the top of your list. You should be able to find bras that make you look great while they feel great at the same time.

Tips for Wearing Your New Bras

Once you have found new bras that you love after your surgery, take some tips to get the most out of them. You shouldn’t wear the same bra every day in order to maintain its shape. You can also consider wearing your bra at the largest hook size at first, gradually tightening your strap to offer your breasts more support. Keep your bras clean in order to make sure your breasts are clean as well. If your bra is irritating you in any way, stop wearing it.

Try a Variety of Bras

You can choose several types of bras to see what you like best. Padded bras will give you even more volume. You can also try bras that give you more cleavage. Different types of materials can feel better on your skin. As you experiment with bras and different types of clothing, you will find the bra that really shows off the results of your procedure. When it comes to working out, sports bras are the best way to go. Make sure you choose exercise bras that are large enough to accommodate the size of your breasts. At the same time, they should be supportive enough to restrain your breasts from too much movement. Even after the recommended amount of time for healing, your breasts may still be tender. Your sports bra can help you to keep discomfort to a minimum. If at any time you have serious discomfort, regardless of what kind of bra you are wearing, be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon. There may be a complication with your breast implants that needs to be addressed.

Ask Dr. Steinbrech About Everything You Need to Know for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Steinbrech is a plastic surgeon who can give you peace of mind when you have questions about breast implant surgery, your ideal bra, and more. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a wealth of expertise in a variety of cosmetic procedures. The first step for any surgery is to come in for an evaluation during your consultation visit. As Dr. Steinbrech assesses your body, you will be able to ask questions and voice concerns about breast augmentation surgery. You can also ask for tips concerning your bras once your procedure is over.

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