How To Protect Your Industrial Fridge

Whether you own a warehouse facility, a manufacturing plant, a grocery store of any other type of company where an industrial fridge is an integral part of your business, then there can often be circumstances where your fridge doors will end up continually being opened and closed. This of course means that the temperature of your industrial fridge will not remain stable, and this can be a problem. Not only do you need to provide your employees with a working environment t

hat is comfortable, but you also need to protect your products from temperature changes and any number of potential external contaminants, all too often this can be a bit of a balancing act.

Installing strip curtains, or strip doors as they often referred to, on your premises is possibly the most cost-effective way in which you can provide a barrier between the different work environments within your company and protect your industrial fridge.

What can Strip Curtain do?

Strip curtain is the perfect way in which to protect your industrial fridge, the clear door strips offer an ideal door covering for your fridge and can also be used in other areas of your business such as loading docks or even exterior doorways. They are easy to open for access, yet work perfectly to assist with keeping your temperatures at the right setting, allowing you to protect the contents of your fridge. Strip curtains can also protect the contents of your fridge from all sorts of other environmental contaminants such as insects, dust, odours, and bad weather. They also act as a great noise barrier. Because strip curtain can help you keep the temperature in your industrial fridge a constant they can also help you to save money on your energy costs by reducing the amount of hot air that gets into your fridge, and cold air that gets out.

What next?

PVC strip doors are often made from PVC roll, this comes in different length and can be cut in strips to fit the doorway of your fridge or any other area of your building where its use might be practical to you. All you need to do is measure the doorway in question and work out how much PVC roll you will need. You might think that hanging long strips of PVC in the doorway of your fridge cannot possibly be a good use of your resources and time, but you would be wrong. Installing strip doors is a very cost-effective method of protecting your industrial fridge, and what is more, because the PVC comes on a roll you can replace individual strips should you need to. This means that should your strip curtain become damaged you only need to replace individual strips rather than the whole thing, so while the original costs might be on the more expensive side, you will find repairing individual strips very economical.

If you have been considering strip curtains for your industrial fridges but have been put off, perhaps by the cost, then it is certainly worth taking a closer look there are a number of benefits to be had from fitting it to your industrial fridges.


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