Why is Hadoop such an important part of Analytics?

A trend that came into being with a lot of hype, anticipations and promises is now a matured industry with record breaking assets and still brimming with possibilities. Of course the discussion is about big data. The market for big data analytics is on the rise as it has been since 2014. The growth is global and steady. It is something that has entered the veins of every business on the face of the earth. Every company trying to survive the competition is making some use of big data. The idea is well embedded in the minds of a lot of enterprisers and yet most of the world is still clueless about how to implement this giant to a profitable end. Of all the analytics efforts made worldwide, most fail to produce tangible results. This has two reasons;

Firstly is a lack of planning. Secondly is a dearth of well trained analysts.

To a rewarding and meaningful career

The big data industry cannot come up in full swing until the youth decides to move that way. If you are looking for a meaningful and rewarding technical career big data could be your resort. Experience and skill are the two very things that decide your position in the big data business. The training you receive while acquiring a big data certification is actually relevant in this case. You do what you are trained to do and add a lot of improvisation to it as well.

One tool that changed things forever

If we have to take a look at a single tool that has changed big data forever, we cannot miss Hadoop. For more than a decade, Hadoop has been very closely associated to big data analytics. Although new tools are coming into the market, the old and large companies are still quite reliant on Hadoop. The predicted market size for Hadoop in 2020 is $52 billion. But experts also think that Hadoop may have reached its last few years. But if we look at the industry trends we will notice that a lot of vacancies for Hadoop professionals. The lack of operators and the lack of proper training and knowledge are pulling the industry down. These are real major challenges of running.

Hadoop training in India is opening vistas

India produces a high number of hadoop professionals. 13% of the global market for Hadoop is from India alone? Excellent Hadoop training in Bangalore has been and is facilitating hundreds of students with the knowledge required to establish themselves somewhere in the analytics industry.

Hadoop training can raise your salary

Hadoop is still venerated for its storage capacity and simple processing ability. Hadoop has always been an important part of the data analyst’s repertoire. Learning Hadoop is going to add as much as 20% to your current salary. It is always suggestible that you get a firm idea about the functionality of Hadoop in different scenarios. Hadoop jobs flood the internet. It is often mandatory for you to join an analytics farm. Learning Hadoop can definitely make a big difference in your progress as an analyst.


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