Why is DISC essential for good customer service?

Every company wants to have an ever growing base of customers that are always satisfied. But is customer satisfaction as easy as it seems? Employees are hired for a variety of reasons such as loyalty, punctuality etc. but unfortunately their capability to handle customer dissatisfaction is often overlooked.

There are various reasons for customer dissatisfaction. DISC personality test should be used as one of the tests during the screening of employees as it tells what the traits of the employee are. Majorly, it is divided into four distinctive behavioral types –

Type “I”

This type refers to the influencers. This type generally refers to those people who don’t quit. The customer representative can keep on offering explanations again and again. They share their personal information and focus on establishing relations with the customer. They don’t give the customer the chance of vent and try talking to them till they calm down. Then when the customer calms down they ask him about the issue that they had. Talking to people comes naturally to them but keeping a track of the details and following through isn’t really their forte. They try to tell their own stories so that the customer is able to relate to them.

Type “D”

This type refers to the assertive employees. They don’t waste time or beat around the bush. Rater, they listen to the complaints of the customers and offer a quick solution. Their focus is on solving the problem rather than building relationships. They tend to be quite impatient as their aim is to get the work done. You must never put the customer who is angry and venting in the hands of Type D as they might cut off the customer while they’re venting and might come off to be insincere and cold.

Type “C”

This type refers to the evaluators. They need in depth knowledge. They will take care of every detail and research thoroughly so that the customer never has to face that issue again. They follow every instruction and go by the book. They might ask the complaining customer a number of details to ensure accuracy of facts. The employees belonging to this type may want to assign the blame of the error on the customer or some other department. They might offer you an apology but it isn’t necessary that some action will be taken.

Type “S”

This type refers to the people who make it comfortable for the unsatisfied customers to speak freely. They believe in follow ups of the problem to ensure customer satisfaction. They are willing to go to great lengths to avoid distress or conflict. Their apologies are genuine and the customers tend to believe them. An unsolved case will infuriate them a lot, they need closure and are willing to work for longer hours to solve the issue.

There is no one best behavioral style. It is possible that an employee has the traits of two or three different types. An employee must know which skills to use with which kind of customer. DISC is extremely helpful for customer service. You must take disc personality test in Canada if you aim on joining a company.

Customer satisfaction is vital for any company if they want to grow and expand. You must aim on providing quality products and good service to your customers. You must have heard the saying “Customer is the king”, this saying is definitely true in today’s date especially with the power of internet. One bad review from a customer can really hamper a company’s reputation.

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