Best Shisha Flavor Mixes and combinations

To those who love shisha, you may find yourself in a challenging situation. People who smoke hookah for a while, usually get into this case – Not being able to experience a satisfying Shisha flavor. It happened to me, it occurred to many of my friends, it happened to people that I am discussing hookahs with, and I can assure you it will happen to you as well!

How do you get over this situation?

Well, I am going to tell you what I did about it, and probably you will find my advice helpful.

Tasting the same taste or flavor over and over again will make you immune to the real feeling. Let’s think for a while. When you try a new flavor let it be food, drink or in our case shisha, the chances are that you are going to be impressed with it. However, if you experience the similar thing repeatedly, you always get tired of it.

I tried many flavors and always had my favorites, however, after a while, I get tired of my picks. If you are smoking for a while, probably your choices for new flavors are narrowed.

What I did to get over this?

I first thought that I needed to buy a new hookah out of one of the best hookahs. That was not the case. Although the brand-new hookah gave me a better and more intense flavor, it was not what I was looking for.

I then started mixing shishas to get new, unique tastes. I wrote this article to answer all of your “shishology” questions but also contribute to the hookah community with some fresh, delightful shisha combinations that will blow your taste buds. I highly recommend you to save this page because you NEED to try the blended flavors.

Let’s start with the hookah mixes:

1. 75% Grape & 25% Mint

This particular one is my favorite hookah flavoring. Grape mixed with mint gives a mild, sweet flavor that can be ideal for any relaxing hookah session. Depending on the strength of your mint shisha, you may need to adjust this a bit to get the sweetness of your preference. We suggest you use the Al Fakher Mint that is famous for its versatility. There are some premixed flavors available, but I always prefer mixing mine so I can adjust the ratio as I wish.

2. 60% Pomegranate, 20% Grape, and 20% Mint

The foundation of this mix should be the sensational Pomegranate (60%). A nice bit of grape and a generous bit of refreshing Mint (20%) will result in an astonishing experience. This hookah mix leaves a cooling effect on your lips while at the same time is luscious.

 3. Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill + Fumari Mandarin Zest

Fresh, cooling, intriguing, this shisha blend makes an excellent flavor that can be smoked anytime. In case that you do not have access to the specific brands, you can try using any type of chocolate, a bit of mint and a generous dosage of mandarin. The ratio should be something like this: Mandarin (40%), Chocolate (40%) and Mint (20%)

4. 50% Blueberries and 50% Vanilla

Classic but golden this is an excellent flavoring that will please the most demanding users. Blueberry flavor on its own is not own of my favorites. I first combined it with vanilla one day that I did not have anything else to smoke. I was impressed by the outcome. The creamy vanilla makes it one spot on shisha mixture.

One of the main reasons that I prefer hookahs and Electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarette is that I have the opportunity to customize what I am inhaling.

More suggestions that I would suggest to you to try:

Coke(60%) and Lemon(40%)

Cherry(20%) + Pineapple(40%) + Orange(40%)

Pomegranate(50%) + Blue Mist(50%)

I am highly interested to hear your favorite hookah mixes. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me on or leave a comment!

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