Best bus Rental in Chicago

Do you go out on a trip or to some event? Have you heard of Chicago motor Coach? If the answer is “No” then you are missing out a lot. In all over the Chicagoland, among the top bus rentals service, the best bus rentals by Chicago Motor Coach. They offer one of the luxurious and best rental buses in and around Chicago.

Chicago Motor Coach, Inc. is one of the oldest rental bus service provider, they have been operating for almost 32 years. Through their experience, they not only have been able to provide a top class service but also have upgraded their buses to make each journey more comfortable and a seamless experience to remember for a lifetime, and it will surely make you want more.

What are in the fleet?

You as a customer will get a wide variety of luxurious bus to have a seamless experience. There are 4 types of bus rentals by Chicago Motor Coach.  Each one of them has its own features that stand out on its own.

  • 56 passenger motor Coach: The first custom made coach for the customer. It is the largest motor coach with them. This coach was made with to give each of the customers an enjoyable ride. This motor coach comfortable seat up to 56passengers. It even comes with on board rest rooms incase of long trips to prevent any stops. For theentertainment of the clients, this custom made motor coach has VCR, DVD, TV monitor system, a PA system and a CD player to keep every passenger entertained with a clear sound system so that every passenger can enjoy every movement of the trip.
  • 40 passenger executive coach: The next motor coach is out executive coach. It can house up to 40 passengers. It has a top-notchinterior with finished with top quality leather seats and full leather interior to give a good and comfortable experience. It comes with fiber optics mood lighting, to match the client’s moods, whether you are having a party or some corporate pick up or drop off, all is taken care of. The coach also comes with a CD sound system, DVD and TV system and a PA system. Thus the coach provides the comfort and full on entertainment that you seek.
  • Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus: The next and the last fleet is the mini coach bus. It comes in two variants one, the 32 seats mini coach and the other as 28 seats mini coach bus. They are ideal the one that can be used for a short duration trips or for pick-ups or drop off. As safety is an important priority for them, the seats come with retractable seat belts for the safety of the passenger. Although the coach is comparable smaller than other coach buses, but it provides a first-class entertainment with flat screen TV, DVD and CD music system and PA system just to keep every passenger entertain throughout the trip.

So, that’s it, you can choose any of the coaches and also any number of such coaches for your trip. Just provide them with the details and they will do the rest.

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