Use Mushrooms in Different Ways in Cooking

Mushrooms in Different Ways in Cooking

If there is something called super food, then it has to be mushroom. This was once a very exotic ingredient but at present, it has become very common. Many people use them as an ingredient in their cooking. It is an absolutely fine source of Vitamin D and it does not contain any fat. On top of that, this is also said to be filled with good fibres and selenium which are very beneficial for a human body.

When it comes to Indian culinary scenes, mushroom was never a part of the traditional Indian cooking. It is more a part of the contemporary Indian cooking style and food preferences of people here. Mushroom can be cooked in different styles using variations in ingredients.  As mushroom is something very versatile and it can be used in almost every way of cooking as it has endless possibilities. One can grill it or bake it or roast it or use as a stuffing. To be precise, one can experiment fully with this ingredient. Chilli mushroom is a very common recipe when it comes to mushroom cooking. It is easy to prepare and one can make this quickly at home. But there are many other ways to cook this lovely vegetable. But one has to allow the mushrooms to release all the moisture before they use it in any cooking. Then one should pick a pan with a wide area and spread all the mushrooms there so that the moisture can evaporate quickly.

Adding the salt to mushrooms at the right time is a very essential thing. It is a good idea to add the salt right at the end which will bring in the right taste of the dish. But if you add it in the beginning then it will draw all the juices from the mushrooms and leave them as chewy and dry ones. You know that your cooking is almost done when the mushroom will start turning golden with a juicy interior. If you are going to make a curry, it is a good idea to sauté the mushrooms well before adding them to the gravy. This will make it taste best.

Here are some lovely mushroom recipes that you can try at home.

KombuBarthad (Mushroom Chilly Fry)

Here one has to stir fry the mushrooms with chillies, curry leaves and some coconut vinegar. This is a dish from the kitchen of Coorg and people of Karnataka enjoy this dish a lot.

Shahi Mushroom

This is a dish full of rich flavours. Here, the button mushrooms are bathed in thick gravy made from shahigaram masala.


This is a very simple dish where mushrooms are stir fried and tossed in black pepper. This goes very well with a plate of hot and steamed white rice.

Mushroom Chettinad

If you are up for spicy dishes, then this one is for you. Here mushrooms are tossed with a lot of chillies, peppers and some tamarind.

There are many other cooking variations that you can try.

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