How to use face creams and moiturizers effectively?

Face creams and moisturizers are our best buddies especially during cold winter months where you would do anything to get rid of dry palms and cracked heels. However the one thing you cannot conceal is your face. If your skin is dry and your lips are chapped, it will show. Most moisturizers and face creams out there are not built to last for long periods of time. You have to keep applying and reapplying creams to prevent your skin from drying up.

What is the correct way to apply a moiturizer or face cream?

Using a moisturizer seems like the most simple thing in the world. You get it in a jar or a tube and you need to slather it over your skin everyday. However, did you know that there are actually correct ways to apply moisturizer? If you apply it wrong then you’re not really getting the benefits that you thought you were. The cream will have the exact same use as a dress you’ve never worn in your life. In short it’s not doing too much for you.

However if you apply your most natural face cream properly, not only will it prevent flaking, it will also get rid of dullness and will boost hydration along with creating a thick coat of moisturizer that lasts all throughout the day. Even if you think you’re  doing everything pretty  much right then there are still a few things that you could be doing better. If you include  a few add ons then you will get through the whole winter without getting dry and chapped skin.
Let us get on with the steps:

Shopping correctly:

Before you pick up a cream after just looking at the advertisement for it, go through the ingredients. Are the ingredients really suitable for your skin? More than anything your skin needs hydration and that can be achieved with one ingredient known as humectants. This ingredient is supremely important for strong and long lasting moisturization. Humectants looks after the hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol and glycerin.

Layering strategically:

If you put together products that  work seamlessly together then you will be able to derive good functionality from each product and also all of them combined. It is said that you should start with products that have the thinnest consistency and then move to the ones that are heavier. Use a serum first, then oil and finally your cream. This way your body will be able to absorb all essential oils and creams and your  skin will begin to look radiant.

Don’t switch too often:

It so happens  that when you find a good product you’ll slowly start to see magic happening on your skin. Don’t change your product in search of an even better one. Just because winter is coming doesn’t  mean you need to revamp  your skin care routine. You can use something additionally with your natural face cream if you think your skin will dry out.  A thicker lotion during winters can effectively combat dry and dead skin.
Some essential oils that come packed in these products are very helpful in preventing  a number of skincare issues.