Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal to Retain its Advantages

The number of two wheelers soaring the streets of India has been increasing exponentially, for a while. And, so have been the number of road accidents and the chances to be caught in trifles. Once your vehicle undergoes regular usage, it starts to undergo wear and tear: and thus, your bike needs optimum care and maintenance to go on, and also an insurance if things go wrong. Having a  two wheeler insurance can seem a tedious job at first, but would prove beneficial, in the long-term.

Having 2 wheeler insurance policy protects you from any kind of damage to the bike, being exposed to theft or personal accident, be it death or any disability to the driver. In case your bike or scooter is involved in an accident, causing damage to the third party, your insurance policy covers the expenses caused to the third party liabilities. Two-wheeler is more prone to accidents than four wheelers, therefore it is important to buy two wheeler insurance policy and its timely renewal becomes peremptory.

Bajaj Finserv provides up to 3 years of 2 wheeler insurance policy and when the policy comes near to its expiration date, then you can renew Bajaj two wheeler insurance effortlessly. Also, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is important to renew your two wheeler insurance policy within the required time or else it could be exposed to legal actions if caught while driving without any policy. Once bought, renewal of two wheeler insurance policy could be done both online and offline. As with easy access to technology, renewing the two-wheeler vehicle insurance online is a cakewalk.

Below are some major points describing the advantages of retaining two wheeler insurance renewal:

  • It can happen that your bike experiences a natural calamity like flood, earthquake, fire, cyclone, or it can be an unnecessary prey to accidents and riots, which are essentially man-made calamities. But if you have a bike insurance, then you don’t need to worry as you are insured against all calamities, natural or man-made.
  • There is also an availability of third-party liabilities coverage. There are times, when individuals become involved in road accidents, inspite of being at their most careful. Third party bike insurance liability coverage covers all such road accidents, and damage to other property, your vehicle might have caused.
  • There exists No Claim Bonus, (NCB), which offers a discount on the premium amount by the insurance companies. The advantage of the renewal of insurance policy is that one can receive the benefits of No Claim Bonus and can renew it at lower premiums. Companies like Bajaj Finserv provides concession ranging between 20% to 50%.
  • If by any chance, when buying a two wheeler insurance policy, you might have missed out on adding covers but you can easily subscribe to them, at your renewal. On renewing your insurance policy, there is the benefit of add-on covers. There are different types of covers available like Zero Depreciation Covers, Loss of accessories, Personal accident covers.
  • If the two wheeler insurance policy you’ve subscribed to deprives you of major benefits, you are at liberty to change it or update it to premium offers, when you’re opting for a renewal. There exists a time period of 1, 2 or 3 years to renew the policy.

The option of renewing your bike insurance allows  you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes free with it. Renewing your insurance policy allows you to take care of legalities, and saves you from the fear of being caught, without an insurance.

Most individuals subscribe to insurances when they invest in a new two wheeler, but it is important to renew their two wheeler insurance, before it expires. It not only insures you against damages of any sort, but also makes you armored against legal threats and opens up opportunities for added discounts and perks.