Why Two Wheeler Injuries Can Be More Fatal?

Two-wheeler is always riskier than four-wheeler; a good quality of helmet and your alertness can protect you on the road. When you ride off in the early morning on your bike it can be impossible to forecast what you might get on the way ahead. There is no source to forecast what type of traffic you might have to count on the way and regardless of how careful a driver you are, you cannot take warranty for the other drivers on the road. Our country has one of the dense & dangerous traffic in the world. Driving on such traffic need to know the possible dangers and then you will take action against it. To stay safe on the congested road, it is important to buy a helmet as per your needs, for example, if you have a racing bike then you must have Racing Helmets, if you are an average rider then you must have a good quality helmet to save you from possible risks on the roads.

Why two wheelers injuries can be more fatal:-

Open manholes

These manholes are one of the biggest dangerous threats to the riders of two-

wheelers. In India, many link roads, streets have open manholes, and they are not visible from the long distance and come suddenly in front of biker suddenly and cause serious injuries.

Many miss-happenings from India described serious injuries to the bikers due to open manholes. Even as cars tires are big enough and it stand on four wheels so it is impossible to lose balance, on the other hand, two wheelers have only two tires to maintain balance if one tire stuck into the manhole it is a very dangerous situation for the riders.

Stray animals

Stray animals like cow, buffalo or dogs are very dangerous to the bike riders. These animals can immediately appear in front of vehicles, and the motorcyclists are always under these threats

Huge potholes

Indian roads are well known for their massive potholes in different sizes & shapes. Even as the sometimes smaller potholes can be avoided or give a lower level threat to the bike riders but the massive potholes are actually very dangerous. These holes can cause the two-wheelers to lose balance and fall over. Most of the cases, the front tire of the vehicle gets trapped in the pothole and causes a bad accident.

Oil Slicks

Vehicles put down residue on the roads. These remains can be oil slicks which are severely slippery and cause a threat to the two-wheelers. Passing through these oil slicks at speedy or braking on it can make the two-wheelers to slip down. In the rainy season, the flowing water can spread oil on the road, and it can become very dangerous.

In the last words, it is impossible to fight with all these risks individually, but you can stay safe from all these by a good quality helmet. Now like other stuff, you can buy Helmets Online India with different colors, styles, and features at very attractive price points.

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