Top Things to do in Bijapur

Bijapur is a very interesting city to visit, and one of the best to enjoy the Islamic legacy in Indian Territory. The Islamic legacy in India would have ups and downs over the next few centuries but India was never the same and Islam would become part of the identity of that part of the globe to this day.

In particular, on the plateau of the Deccan, the first Islamic kingdom to dominate the area was that of the Bahmani sultans, but at the end of the 15th century its disintegration led to the formation of several smaller Muslim kingdoms including the kingdom of Bijapur. Read here about the historical and architectural treasures of Bijapur in the state of Karnataka.

1. Jod Gumbaz

These two “twin” mausoleums surmounted by domes are closely related to the final fall of Bijapur at the hands of the emperor Aurangzeb. There are the tombs of Khan Muhammad, prime minister of Muhammad Adil Shah and Khawas Khan – general of Sikandar Adil Shah. Both were in favor of an understanding with the mughals and traitors in the fight of Bijapur against Aurangzeb. After the fall of Bijapur, Aurangzeb ordered to erect these two mausoleums as a tribute to the two men.

2. Mehtar Mahal

It is a small tower that served as entrance to a mosque and a garden. It is in poor condition but still holds a beauty and grace that do not go unnoticed.

3. Jama Masjid

The Friday mosque (Jama Masjid) was started by Ali Adil Shah I (1558-1580) but was never completed. The arches are graceful and the floor of the mosque in marble is divided into 2250 musullahs.

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4. Upali Buruz

Built in 1584, it is an isolated, cylinder-shaped tower that was part of the Bijapur wall. You can climb the outer stairs and up there you can admire two huge canyons and a panoramic view over the city.

5. Taj Bawadi

It was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah II in honor of his wife, Queen Taj Sultana. It is a tank with a considerable area with an arched entrance and with stairs descending to the level of the water.

6. Malik-e-Maidan

Its name means Monarch of the Plains and its dimensions justify it. Founded in 1549, this colossal cannon (one of the largest medieval cannons in India) is over 4m in length, almost 1.5m in diameter and weighs about 55 tons! It will have been used in the battle of Talikota between the sultanates of the Deccan and the empire of Vijayanagara and its surface has inscriptions in Arabic and Persian. It is now in Serzi Buruz, one of the bastions of the old fort of Bijapur.

How to Reach Bijapur

You can reach Bijapur via Flight, Road and Train.

By Flight: Bijapur has not any airport and the nearby airport is Sambre Airport.

By Train: You can reach easily as there is regular train connectivity from the major cities of the country. If you want to reach through luxury train then Book Deccan Odyssey Train having onboard luxury facilities. Before booking you must check the Deccan Odyssey Train Fare.

By Bus: You will find regular bus services from major cities of India.

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