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Top Myths about Indian Call Centers

India, a land of snake charmers and call centers, as it was labeled by the outside world till a few decades back. Now, India is considered as a land of opportunities, startups, biggest market, diverse culture, and the largest democracy in the world. Misconceptions about India is not a new story. Past few centuries have seen a number of myths that were considered true for a long time, but have been debunked sooner or later.

Today, we are going to witness the new myths about India that have taken a toll in recent times. The vast industry of call center India is expanding at a fast rate. Recently only, Philippines came too close to India in terms of having the largest number of call centers. Experts have started the debate stating India is no longer the giant in BPO sector as it was. Quite a few industry experts have disregarded India as a nation to trust on with respect to the business confidentiality. Some also say that India has lost the zeal which it showed at the beginning of the great boom of call center sector.

But are these allegations or assumptions close to the truth or they are just myths that tend to revolve around something which is getting bigger with time?  It is natural when some industry or something is getting all the success and fame, there are few negative opinions about it too. And they are only assumptions and opinions, not the truth.

So, this blog is for all those business owners who want to know what’s true and what’s a cooked up story about the humongous sector of call center India. You may be thinking to outsource your business operations in India, but owing to these myths you are feeling skeptical now. Read the succeeding blog and you will find the better reasons to outsource your business operations to India.

Myth 1: Call centers in India are cost centers

Many of you might be thinking from a long time that call centers in India are nothing but cost centers. It means they just avail the costs of the business but do not contribute to profit in any way. This is wrong in every sense. How? Let’s see.

To make a business profitable, you require a solid revenue generation process and strategy. Since many of the experts and marketers still feel that customer service is just a process in the business and it’s not that necessary for earning the profit. This is absolutely rubbish. In fact, when your customers get amazing service experience, the likeability of them coming back to your business increases. This shows that an impeccable customer service can really increase the customer retention rate in an organization.

Also, a happy customer is more probable to provide an excellent word-of-mouth about your brand to others. An astounding word-of-mouth or recommendation about your business can provide you with leads that are considered as opportunities for your business. This can strengthen the brand value of your business, which in turn puts an exemplary impact on the profitability of your company.

Myth 2: Customers no longer seek support on phone

This is a wide-spread myth about Indian call center industry. People are definitely using other channels too for interaction with the brands, but a phone call still creates that unforgettable impression on the mind of a customer that no other medium can make. Customers are reaching brand and vice versa on social media channels and many business owners find these mediums more intriguing than the phone. As per a survey, around 70% of the customers say that they feel more satisfied when any of their issue or complaint is resolved on a phone call. So, reaching customers via phone is still the best way to win their trust.

Myth 3: India is no longer safe for business confidentiality

Outsourcing itself is considered as a risky affair in the business industry. But there is a reason that in India around 3.1 million people are employed in BPO sector and the call center industry contributes to 8% of India’s GDP. And that reason is a safe business environment that India provides to companies. There is absolutely zero concern for investors to land their business ship in India. Companies offering call centers in India are quite aware of the sensitivity of the matter and hence are constantly offering best security measures for their clients.

Myth 4: Indian call centers only care about cost per call

The performance of a call center is duly assessed by calculating the cost per call made by agents. This metric is only used to find if the money you are spending is being allocated correctly and generating results. Although, this parameter is essentially not useful if the service quality is poor. So, an enhanced customer experience is still the major factor that BPO companies in India consider for drawing more clients.

Wrapping up

These are the top myths about call center industry in India. If there are more myths that we might have missed, let us know in the comment section below:

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