Top 4 Signs I Need to Replace the Furnace in My Home

Winter is coming. Can your furnace handle it?

It is that time of year again. The leaves are falling and the cold winds are slowly creeping in. Now, you get to curl up and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa in your warm, cozy living room. It would be perfect, it really would. But your furnace is wheezing and coughing and screeching and sometimes, not working at all.

Make some savings

The furnace may be too old and tired to heat your house properly, even with constant repairs and maintenance. Replacing it will get your house winter-ready and save the money currently being spent on endless repairs and high utility bills.

So do the family a favor and figure out if it is time to get a new Furnace Installation. Here are the symptoms of a dying furnace.

1. The furnace keeps making weird noises

Are the words ‘No, the house is not haunted.’ often said to house guests? Is it because the furnace likes to screech, rattle and hum loudly? Even after many visits from the repairman? Yes to all three questions?

Then yes, the furnace is old and needs to be replaced. It seems replacing faulty parts is not working.

2. The utility bill has gone up

If there is an increase in gas or power consumption in the home, the furnace is probably to blame. A technician from a reputable HVAC company should be called to confirm that it is the furnace, and not some other issue causing the problem.

If the furnace is then repaired but there is no lasting decrease in consumption, then the furnace may be past fixing. The department of energy shows that 45 percent of household energy bills are due to heating. Would it not be great to reduce that cost?

3. The flame in the burner of the furnace is yellow

In the case of natural gas, a yellow flame means incomplete combustion. It means that not all the gas is getting burned and carbon monoxide is likely being produced. In a furnace, this inefficiency will result in higher gas consumption and a higher gas bill. It could also pose a health risk, and that is putting it mildly.

The flame in the furnace’s burner should be blue, not yellow. If it is not, then it is time to consider getting a new furnace.

4. Some rooms are colder than others

An old furnace will have a duct system that is unable to evenly distribute heat to all parts of the house. The result? Some rooms will be too cold or too hot and the thermostat will be adjusted constantly. Thermostats have led to many arguments and ‘thermostat awareness seminars’.

Time to let go

If your furnace is in its mid-teens, then replace it with one that has an energy star rating. The government assures you that your new furnace will use 15 percent less energy than your current model.

Your trusty furnace served you well. Now give it a dignified end while saving money by installing a newer, more efficient model.