Sneakers available at a great discount on Black Friday sale

The Black Friday sales are about to begin within the next couple of weeks. This is one of the most awaited sales and marks the beginning of the holiday season. Black Friday sale 2018 is the best time to get anything that you want at a great discount and many a time it is associated with expensive products such as the latest iPhones and other electronics.

If you are more interested in fashion, even then Black Friday sale is a great opportunity to get the apparels that you want. If you are looking for the best pair of sneakers available during this this holiday sale then this article is what you are looking for.

#1   BVG x Adidas Originals EQT

The BVG X is a joint venture between the German transit company Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and Adidas. The very special EQT 93/17 sneakers from the joint venture also functions as a train ticket.

The shoes are inspired by the Berlin’s U-Bahn train network and feature the iconic Flecktarn-inspired camouflage pattern of the network. The sneakers feature the Jahreskarte (a yearly train pass) on its tongue. These are one of the coolest looking sneakers made by Adidas in 2018 and usually cost $215. During the sale, you could get them for just $149. So, don’t wait, get your Adidas BVG X today.

#2 COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Max 180

If you like Nike shoes then you must have heard of the COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Max 180 and wanted to have your feet in them. Just like the Adidas BVG X, this Nike Air Max is a result of the partnership between COMME des GARÇONS and Nike which has been going on for decades.

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The new Air Max 180 was first showcased during the SS18 shows at Paris Fashion Week. The sneakers have a signature pink colour which might not appeal to anyone at the first look but the sneakers are one of the most brilliantly designed pieces of footwear Nike. If you are really looking for a solid pair of Sneakers to buy during the Black Friday sale then these Air Max 180 are definitely the best option available out there.

Usually, these sneakers would cost you about $249 but during the holiday season, you could get them at a discount up to 50%.


The Air Jordan is probably one of the most famous sneakers produced by Nike. The Legacy 312 brings the best features of every shoe present in the Jordan line up to the market and is extremely popular amongst the masses.

Some of the sneakerheads have termed these shoes as a travesty but if you try to take a deeper look, you would realize that these shoes are brilliant and don’t get the level of appreciation that they deserve. The Legacy 312 are available in the various style which can be bold or subtle depending on the colour choices and can be perceived as retro or a completely new design.

The Legacy 312 usually go for $160 but you can get them for a lot less during the Black Friday sale.


In 2018, Reebok can truly say that they have made one of the most innovative sneakers on the market. The DMX Fusion 1 is the result of the partnership between Reebok and Pyer Moss. On taking a look at these shoes you would see that the design is pretty basic but once you see the laces you would be truly amazed.

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Unlike the other shoes, the laces begin at the toe-tip and make their way to the quarter where they criss-cross a few times. These criss-crosses are rigged so low that you might feel like they touch the soles. After this, the laces go towards the heel before finally making their way to the tongue where they end up in a lace lock.

This innovative design offers a lot of customizations and makes the DMX Fusion one of the most popular and unique sneakers on the market. You could get the shoes for around $150 during the upcoming sale.


If you are looking for truly luxurious sneakers then Balenciaga Triple-S won’t disappoint you in any way. With the original price tag of $850, you would definitely get one of the most brilliantly designed sneakers on the market.

The Balenciaga Triple-S look a lot chunkier as compared to the other sneakers. When you thought that the trend of these kinds of shoes is fading out, Balenciaga springs them right back ensuring that the trend continues.

The new shoes are made using a completely new design and its impact can be clearly seen in both the looks and feel of the shoes as well as the price tag. The shoes are amazing and because of this, they sell out fairly quickly even after having such a hefty price tag. So, if you really want to have the best shoes on the market then get the Balenciaga Triple-S as soon as you can.


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The “Blank Canvas” is a result of a brilliant co-operation between Pharrell and Adidas. This line up offers everything from Stan Smith to Pharrell’s signature Running Hu.

These shoes were released during the Hindu festival of Holi and seemed to create a bit of a stir as it was unclear if they are supporting the festival as the people usually dress up in white clothes or were against the festival of colours due to its white colour.

If you don’t care about the debate then these shoes are a great option if you are looking for some new shoes and will cost you somewhere around $150 and $200.


Like most other shoes on this list, these sneakers are a result of a collaboration between the famous fashion brand Versace and the equally famous 2 Chainz. As if the collaboration wasn’t enough, the newly appointed lead footwear designer at Versace, Salehe Bembury created a lot of hype about these shoes.

The result of this was Chain Reaction range of sneakers which became a massive hit. These shoes have a veritable canvas top which features some of the best designs that Versace team could come up with and they really outdid themselves. These shoes are one of the best examples of craftsmanship and the results not only show in the design and comfort but the price tag as well. On a regular day, you would see these shoes going for over $1000 but you could get them at a much affordable price during the upcoming sale.


I hope you liked this list of the best sneakers that you could get at a great discount during the Black Friday sale and would definitely get one of them.