Rose Gold – What is it? Looking into the insights of it

You probably are curious about what the rose gold is and how did it originate. For this you have come to the right place. This article will give you the most detailed and accurate account of what rose gold is and everything you should know about it. Let us start now.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a tone of gold and is the one among the 3 most popular gold colours used in jewellery. The other 2 are yellow gold and white gold. Rose gold has a soft pink hue resembling a rose and that’s why it is called Rose gold. It gets it’s colour from copper which is present in gold alloy. More the quantity of copper, more the reddish tinge.

More copper means tone will be pink and Rose gold

More silver means the tone will be White and thus white gold.

Origin of Rose gold:

Rose gold was originally found in Russia in 19th century and therefore its called Russian Gold. Later in 1920’s, Rose gold received a major push with the help of iconic jewellery brand Cartier by including many jewellery having this colour.

What’s so hot about Rose gold?

There is a strong vintage feeling when we talk about Rose Gold. Though it is not as reflective and shiny as other 2 shades(yellow gold and white gold), it’s the reason for this vintage feeling. This tone is the choice of many women these days who wants to stand out from others.

As it has pink tone, it’s a natural choice of heart shaped jewellery. The tone is perfect for any skin type and tone. This tone also got a popularity as apple launched Rose gold Iphones and it became the most demanding colour. It’s believed that this colour came from watches. And then it was thought that if it can work well on watches then why not on jewellery. This tone requires less maintenance as compared to white gold. The reason it ironically ages unlike white gold. White gold gets dull with a prolonged use. Rose gold becomes vintage with age.

Is Rose gold more expensive?

As the content of the metal gold is same in all the 3 tones of gold, the monetary value is the same. The colour of gold doesn’t decide the price of gold. 10 grams 18K of white gold will have the same amount of pure gold as that of 10 grams 18K rose gold.

How to clean Rose gold Jewellery?

Just like any other jewellery, Rose Gold Jewellery should be cleaned gently. Using a mixture of mild detergent in lukewarm water and dipping your rose gold jewellery in it will be effective. Also use of soft cotton cloth and soft toothbrush can help you clean the surface. In areas where toothbrush cannot be reached, you can use earbuds and clean the surface.

So this was all about Rose gold jewellery. You should take care of all the above the above points while going for Rose gold jewellery and have a clear mindset regarding it.

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