How to reach level 20 on freelancer?

The Freelancer is the only platform where there is a scope for the clients to  cross the levels and gain freelancer’s reputation. These levels help the clients to verify their status and how they ranked for their performance by the

Level scores and Recommended scores are the two important scores which are visible on the right side of the Freelancer’s profile page. One can see this in snapshot area.


What is a Level in freelancer?

The Level is an  achievement and activities done by the client. If the clients are having a higher level status that indicates that the client is in the higher position,  maintaining  greater activities and his/her earnings are more and also it indicates the customer’s  satisfaction. So every freelancer starts their career with Level 1 and gradually they cross their levels with experience and with the positive outcomes of the job performance.

All the freelancers are supposed to view their status in their dashboard under the column, My stats. This helps the freelancer to maintain their status mainly in three categories. The three categories include maintaining relationship with the clients, the way their are delivering services to their clients and third one is related to the marketing.

In what way Levels are important to the freelancer?

Levels and rankings indicate the performance of the freelancer, which are shown on the Freelancer profile. Any freelancer who crossed many levels, clearly says that he/she appear in a higher rank in the search results. Levels also determine the purchasing additional connects a freelancer can buy through their Premium Membership plan. So freelancer Levels facilitates the members by upgrading their status. This is the best opportunity for all freelancers to reach the higher levels.

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What is “Not Available” in the Level’s show?

Levels are not displayed on the profile snapshot column. One can observe their Levels on the Job History Page. On this page the Level is seen for a specific category. One can see “Level not available”, in the All Services column along with the tooltip. Now the viewer has to select a category to view the Level. The All services column gives the information related to the work done by the freelancer in all categories. So basically the Levels are calculated on a category basis, the viewer cannot watch any Levels without selecting any specific category. Simply to view your Level select a category on the Freelancer profile, where you can get this from the pull-down menu.

What are Freelancer Credits?

Freelancer credits are the virtual currency that a client earns for completing projects on the site. The freelancers can also earn bonus credits by increasing their Rewards Level. The freelancer can utilize these credits in the Credit Shop, for upgrading their profile, for passing through exams, to get extra bids. The important information the freelancer has to note down is that he/she cannot convert these credits into real money.The  freelancer cannot use these credits for payment for the clients for completing the projects. These credits can be used by the freelancer only to spend in the Credit shop as it a virtual money not real money.


There are nearly 90 levels at The freelancer who has 6,099 credits is considered to be in the first level. To reach the Level 20, the freelancer needs to have 289.999 credits. Oh! Don’t think that it is a big process to reach Level 20. If you follow a few steps, then easily you can reach Level 20 within no time.

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Freelancer Rewards:

The feature Freelancer Reward provides the clients with benefits by completing their projects.The client will be benefitted by giving a tag XP (experience points), which indicates his performance and increases his Rewards Level. As you cross the Level, your chances to win the projects will increase. You can also win freelancer credits to upgrade your profile. With these you will be eligible to bid on more projects, which ultimately benefits you by increasing your bidding capacity, finally you can get more project. If you succeed by completing your projects, then automatically you can increase your credits. So this is the way you can cross your levels and if you gain 289.999 credits you can reach your Level 20. Try your level best , it is not a hard task one cannot reach. As there are 90 Levels, reaching Level 20 is not a big effort.

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