Powai vs. Andheri- Which is a Better Place for Corporates to Stay?

This one is a very critical question and different persons would have different viewpoints. Both Powai and Andheri are two of the prime locations of Mumbai with phenomenal facilities in almost all the aspects. One might be of the viewpoint that Powai is better in terms of corporates to stay because it provides all the facilities and there are several luxury apartments in Mumbai, Powai to provide the corporates with supreme accommodation facilities. Powai is well connected and has good transportation facilities. On the other hand, another individual might be of the viewpoint that Andheri is much better place for the corporates to stay since the place is superiorly well – developed. It is well connected by roads and railways. Andheri railway station is one of the busiest railway stations in the country and there are some of the best apartments in Mumbai, Andheri for the corporates to reside with all the modern facilities. Even the Mumbai’s biggest international airport is located in this region. Thus, in general we will be able to find mixed answers of the question of a better place for the corporates to stay, Powai or Andheri.

A Comparison Between Powai and Andheri

Andheri – Mumbai is better known as the land of opportunities and opens up a lot of avenues to several people who aspire. Being the financial capital of India and the wealthiest city, it is the centre of attraction. The ever – increasing population of the city proves that this is one of the most preferred location of the country where people love to come to. Among the several localities of Mumbai, Andheri is one of the most sought – after locations by the ones who want to purchase or rent luxury apartments in Mumbai, Andheri. The easy accessibility and its superb connectivity make it lie among the most popular residential location for all including the corporates as well. Andheri is the house to both residential and commercial properties at the same time and it is the most populous suburbs of Mumbai.

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Powai – Powai is considered to be the suburb of the future. Located in the north eastern neighbourhood of Mumbai is one of the most influential locations of the city which is seen immense growth of residential projects and complexes which has completely changed the appearance of the suburb of Powai. One can find some of the best apartments in Mumbai, Powai and is evolving at a great pace to be residential as well as the commercial hub of Mumbai. It has over 150 offices and multinational companies located in Powai and thereby promising of a great future ahead. It has great connectivity due to its close connection with both the Eastern and the Western Express Highway and at the same time Powai is in close vicinity of the airport as well. Thus, Powai is considered to be the face of the present – day Mumbai.

Ultimately, we can say that both the places are equally good for the corporates to stay. If minute details are considered, then one is able to find differences between them as better places for the corporates to stay.

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