Peter Zieve 2 Key Reasons Why Engineering Graduates Start Their Own Companies

Many graduates specializing in engineering opt to start their own companies after obtaining their degrees. They generally have important motives for opting for this course of action. In the present economic scenario, the prospects of securing a lucrative job are bleak. Companies are now downsizing to become more efficient and gain a competitive edge in the market.  It is possible that these bright individuals may get employment of their choice. However, they may still have feelings of disenchantment. They generally have to work according to instructions of their superiors. There is no guarantee that the organization which hires them recognizes and utilize their full potential. In many cases, it may not even compensate them for their efforts.

Peter Zieve Why are engineering graduates taking steps to create their own companies?

Peter Zieve is the founder of Electroimpact, Inc, a popular engineering company in Mukilteo. He has a long and illustrious association with this corporate enterprise from the time of its establishment. During his tenure, he has the privilege of holding many important posts. These are the office of Chief Engineer, President and even Chief Executive Officer (CEO). During this time, he came up with the idea of ‘Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter.’ He is also responsible for its invention and implementation. He has now passed the mantle to his son, Michael. Today, the organization is the top recruiter of the brightest engineering graduates in the country. Many of them secure placements in this concern through its internship programs. Dr. Zieve is currently running for public office in the City of Seattle. He hopes to change the lives of people in the area for the better.

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Dr. Zieve points out the following two important reasons why engineering graduates opt to be their own boss:

  1. Autonomy

Starting their own businesses gives engineering graduates are a degree of autonomy. They have the final say on what project they wish to work on. Such budding entrepreneurs don’t have to follow the instructions of others. As a result, they are in a position to pursue their own passion. However, their actions do have consequences. They have to take on more responsibilities. Such proprietors need to meet deadlines and coordinate the works of the people they employ. Otherwise, they end up losing customers. This can adversely affect their concern’s bottom-line.

  1. Money

This is perhaps the most important factor which motivates engineering students to start their own business.  They are in a position to make as much money as they want. These young individuals consider the sky to be the limit. The entrepreneurs understand that they are taking a gamble by opting for this path. There is always a very high risk they’ll eventually fail in their endeavor. However, they are willing to take on the challenge. For this, they are willing to listen to the expert, rely on their own acumen and make the right choices.

Peter Zieve says establishing their own companies open up a world of opportunities for engineering graduates. They can earn as much as they want and create employment opportunities for others. In the process, they make a positive contribution to society.