Montessori Way of Labeling Things for Enhanced Language

Have you experienced what labeling does to your child’s language development skills? It does wonders! At Milton Montessori system, children practice writing letters at a time and then sounding out the words for each and every object they see.


The final result is a complete word – where the sky is the limit. The child realizes in no time how he or she becomes capable of generating a word by just sounding out the letters and labeling things.

Montessori education system makes children become innovative and responsive. Although every child is given the time he needs to advance in learning and understanding things, but the outcome is quicker than regular education system.

Enhanced Language Development

Red Apple Montessori enhances language development through labeling in three ways:

  • For vocabulary
  • For practicing handwriting
  • A way of connecting letter symbols and their sounds

Vocabulary – The approach here is to create an environment which can immerse children in these aspects of written and spoken language. Apart from the labeling routine, children use vocabulary cards, communicate with each other and explore language, tell and hear stories, and play games with sounds. These activities help students differentiate letters, shapes, and sounds. The match sounds in the beginning, in middle, and at the end to form a word.

Tool for Handwriting – Children build words with moveable alphabets with the help of sound. The moveable alphabet is the first place where the child will write. Children generally learn writing before they can even read; this is due to the physical connection that is present between the brain and hand. Writing enables a child to bring in the previously acquired knowledge.

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Differentiating the sounds, vocabulary, and making up words with sounds and meanings might seem heavy. But Montessori education assures that these activities are carried lightly and that child learns and expresses himself in the highest level. The child feels a thrill and excitement in exploring and learning.

Connecting Letters, Symbols, and Sounds – Once a child has learnt and understood 10 to 12 letters, as well as vowels, he starts creating words with the help of moveable alphabets. Moveable alphabets have cursive letters which makes it easier and offers fluidness in connecting letters and this is majorly the main aspect of Montessori education – children are taught cursive handwriting. Along with connecting words and recognizing sounds and symbols, children are also taught to write.

What Does Labeling Do Other Then Enhancing Language Skills?

Labeling builds Confidence – Labeling as used in Montessori school system not only promotes the learning experience of a child but also develops confidence in a child. They are allowed to use the learning and script it out on a paper or chalkboard which further honors their skills and confidence. Children’s prefect the skills by using imagination and knowledge and that are when the joy shines through the thoughts as he transforms them into words.

A child in Montessori learns to read and write phonetically first, understanding the sounds and symbols and then the name of the letters. This makes things easier and learning comfortable. Children are simply encouraged in Montessori’s – encouraged to grasp, to learn, take time, and to write – even if that means talking days and weeks in covering a simple word.

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Although Montessori system is not supported by everyone, but if you need to consider a pre-school option for your child then you should not think twice. Maria Montessori spent years in understanding the real means of educating and teaching children, mainly in asylums. The end results were better results of these children then regular school systems. When an innovator is what you seek to up bring then choosing the right education system is important.

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