Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

To start off with there’s loads of stuff that’s great about Microsoft’s latest hybrid, but it is far too buggy to rely on. When switching between tablet and laptop modes, the Pro 4 will regularly freeze so that you can’t use its touchscreen anymore. And if you try and turn the thing on and off again, that often means the display itself won’t come back to life again until the Pro 4 runs out of charge. Clearly, this isn’t good news for any device. Not least for one that’s meant to help you get stuff done. And to think everything looked so rosy for this hybrid at first in Product review website.

Attach the latest Type Cover to the Pro 4 and, in desktop mode, it’s generally ready for the worst of what you’d throw at a laptop.

When everything was working properly, I never felt the need to reach for my regular laptop. A lot of that has to do with the 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage my Surface came packing. That’s enough oomph to make mincemeat of most people’s everyday multitasking needs. It’ll even handle Steam games as comparison to other on Product review website. The entry-level Surface Pro 4 features a more even-handed Intel Core m3 CPU and 4GB RAM, alongside 128GB storage.

This is no great surprise, though. Microsoft’s Surfaces have always featured an uber-slick Intel chip, but that didn’t stop some models being an utter faff to get stuff done with. Windows 10 is designed to give the Pro 4 a clear sense of purpose, especially in desktop mode.

The combination of a rejigged Start Menu and a Cortana search bar makes it a breeze to uncover what you need. There’s no more browsing through endless lists of apps. That said, in addition to Continuum, Microsoft’s latest OS struggles with its snazzy extras. The Windows-dressing, if you will.

Despite offering a neat preview of your tabs when you over them with the cursor, the new Edge web browser really misses the ability to install extensions such as Google’s Chrome. Then there’s Cortana. When it comes to its 12.3in screen, the Pro 4 gets its fundamentals right again. I have seen other products of it range in Product review website but it’s Hardware is not the issue with this hybrid. Simply put its display is an absolute pearler.

With a 2736×1824 resolution, you’re afforded a frankly ridiculous 267 PPI to peak at. That’s a smidgen more detail than even other offers with its pristine 264 PPI touchscreen and more real-estate to enjoy than the 12in Pro 3 as in Product review website. Despite its small size, the speakers in the Surface Pro 4 made an impact. They were loud at maximum volume and produced clear, crisp audio with minimal distortion, even in bass-heavy music.

To summarize, here are the Highs and Lows of Surface Pro and as comparison on Product review website


  • New Type Cover is wonderful
  • Pen is standard and works well
  • Pixel-dense display
  • Loud, clear speakers
  • Strong performance in all areas


  • Still heavy compared to dedicated tablets
  • Battery can drain quickly in real-world use

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