They know the Quality of Water

Mankind needs water to survive (pure water), and if you are not drinking water that is purified or treated properly, it may result in severe health problems. Hence it is better to take care of the same and deploy the best devices that can help to ensure the quality of water that is consumed at home as well as other places.

For such preventive measures, use of water purifiers is recommended. Do not delay or postpone buying your water filtration system. Pick up your phone and get connected with aquaguard customer care no. Bangalore or other water purifier services who can help you with their quality work.

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Advantages and disadvantages of water purifiers

A water purifier is such a product that is essential for healthy drinking water. They do not have any disadvantages as such, but they do come with shortcomings as they might not be able to remove all contaminants from drinking water. Down below are some advantages and disadvantages of water purifiers.


They protect us against harmful organisms-

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has reported that almost 90% of the water supplied in the world is unhealthy for drinking if taken without any treatment or purification. Water may come with some microorganisms that can cause serious illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and even death. Water purifier system eradicates these microorganisms, hence, making water safe for drinking.

Removal of toxic metals-

Besides microorganisms, untreated water supply is a source of minerals, containing magnesium and copper. Although some minerals do not necessarily cause health threats, they react with other water minerals and cause deposits, hence, making the water unfit for drinking. A few other minerals such as copper and lead that are found in water are very dangerous for health. Chemicals, disinfectant agents, and filtration system are some methods that are used in the removal of such harmful minerals so as to reduce illness and risk.


May not eliminate pesticides-

Pesticides that are used on lawns and farms can ooze in the water supplies. Municipal water, however, can be treated for these pesticide contaminations, but if you are using well water, you cannot know anything about these pesticides unless you get the water tested. Water purifiers at home may help in the removal of chlorine and other metals such as mercury, but they might not be able to remove all sorts of pesticides. Too much exposure of pesticides in water may result in the increment in the risk of cancer, according to the NPTN (National Pesticide Telecommunications Network).

Need for regular maintenance-

Water purification systems at homes that meet the recommendations of the National Sanitation Foundation and American National Standards Institute are effective and helpful in keeping water safe with the help of filtration of all the harmful organisms and metals.