POP Cross Ceiling Channel

Know About the Attributes of Versatility of Plaster of Paris Used in Creating Ceiling Designs-

The trend of simple and plain white ceiling is out where it has been overtaken by beautiful POP designer ceiling which are becoming an eye catchy designs for every flat or house owners. These types of ceilings do look attractive which gets ready at very minimal cost. One can easily embellish the beauty of any space whether it is office or any commercial and residential area. The POP Cross Ceiling Channel is in great trend and demand.

A plaster ceiling is a normal white finish for a ceiling that is smooth and looks good. Whereas, the concrete ceiling may be more inclined to get condensation on it also as concrete is very dense. Getting trowel plaster onto a cement slab ceiling or putting battens using plasterboard enhances its overall beauty.

On the other hand, Plaster of Paris ceilings have entirely changed the look of contemporary interiors. Earlier, where the decorated ceilings were only seen in palaces and forts of the royals can easily be created for homes.

Benefits of POP ceilingsThe POP ceilings are in great demand where even for the simple and elite look of ceiling one can simply get the POP on the ceiling with an outline border design painted with any color of choice. There are many advantages of getting such ceilings like-

  • POP can be easily painted where one can even give a textured color look to make it look more appealing.
  • They are generally used to highlight the ceiling light fixture for which simple borders are encircled or created outside the light area to make the lights look more attractive.
  • A variety of shapes of false ceilings can be created with the use of plaster of paris.
  • It also adds a matte look to the ordinary ceiling giving it a smooth touch.
  • For classic interiors one can have medallions look which is famous whereas POP ceiling with cove lighting is known specially for its contemporary designs.
  • Last but not the least the POP ceilings can also be used to hide the beams where false ceilings can cover that area making it look beautiful.

A variety of designs from recessed ceilings, layered ceilings, circular and domed, curvilinear ceilings one can give any shape or design especially created with the use of plaster of Paris.

It is a very adaptive material. One must learn about the quality of the pop as there are many materials available in the market. Only the high quality gypsum helps in getting a high quality intricate decorative pattern for which the best pop channel supplier in India must be approached. These dealers have the experience and the knowledge where all the quality parameters are checked in advance so as to get a flawless range of ceiling outcomes. For this even some interior designer can also be hired to get the right design fit in the right room where all the light factors are also taken into concern. Get the remodeling of the house starting from the top i.e. the ceilings.

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