Jim Corbett Best Resorts: Pick Wilderness + Hospitality

Jim Corbett National Park is a popular destination for tourists and wildlife adventurists. Surrounded by the sub-Himalayan belt and dense forests of Tehri Garhwal, Jim Corbett National Park now offers the serenity of nature, luxury, and purity, all within the ambit of nature tourism standards. Today, Jim Corbett is a rejuvenating option for tourists beyond belief. Here is a quick checklist of activities you can indulge by staying at Jim Corbett best resorts.

Nature Camping Under the Night Sky

One of the most remarkable activities you can do at Jim Corbett best resorts is to experience the stunning night sky in the dark dense forest. The thrill multiplies many times amidst the flutter of the leaves, the jest of wind and the heavenly cricketing of wildlife.

Ride into the Wild Territory

The Jim Corbett best resorts are located very close to the boundaries of the tiger spotting areas. You can either take a jeep safari from the rest house or ride over an elephant’s back! Both take you into the terrains known for tigers, deer, leopard, wild buffaloes, elephants, and the riverside lined by crocodiles, wild lizards, and alligators.

Nature Photography

Don’t forget to carry your camera! You can spot Fish Eagle, Owls, parakeets, spotted deer, Sambar and Kingfishers inside the Kumaoni gardens of your Jim Corbett best resorts. Keep your windows to the world open at all times!

Bathing at the Kalgarh Falls

Love bird watching? Kalgarh Falls is a popular spot to enjoy the mornings amidst migratory birds that come in winters to cross over further south.

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With so much to choose from among the top Jim Corbett best resorts, we recommend you pick the ones that are known for eco-tourism and reputable hospitality.