James Feldkamp- Terrorism and How It is Changing the World

The fears of terrorism are high in every nation today and people must be aware of how to act in the face of a terrorist attack. Education and awareness need to be spread so that people are aware of what to do to reduce injuries and loss of life. Life has its share of stress however the fear of the unknown often plagues the minds of people especially when it comes to such a dangerous issue like terrorism.

James Feldkamp- making people aware of terrorism

James Feldkamp is an expert in the niche of counterterrorism. He is on a mission to spread awareness on the subject and is ready to launch his blog soon to make people aware of what to do in wake of a terrorist attack. At the same time, he has a mission to share many posts and write-ups on the subject of terrorism for people to be aware of and know how to act in a real- life situation.

Training and consulting professional

Mr. Feldkamp is a leading consultant for a Company called Intelligence & Counterterrorism At Complete Threat Preparedness. This Company comprises of experts in the field of self-defense, public safety, survival skills, emergency management and construction. He takes the key responsibility to train and consult both people and organizations against public cum natural hazards, security and safety. He has over 20 years of valuable experience in the field of international security and foreign policy. He has served the Federal and military governments as well.

Expertise in teaching and presentation

He has been instrumental in providing his valuable experience to maritime security as well as spread domain awareness. He has played an instrumental role in improving communications via inter-agencies pertaining to international matters. Besides the above, he has successfully taught courses on the subject to University students. His focus areas have been in the field of international security, counterterrorism, transnational crimes and terrorism. He has also given several presentations on terrorism and global security at prominent conferences and symposia across the world.

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James Feldkamp says that in the wake of a terrorist attack, you should try to be as calm as possible. The objective here is to run or hide safely from the attacker. The risks of confronting the attacker are high as this may lead to grave injury or loss of life. People should always hide in a safe place in case they cannot run from the scene. The hiding spot must be away from the visibility of terrorists. The place should protect the person from gunfire and bullet sprays. Phones should be in silent mode and the vibration of the phone should be switched off. His blog will provide people with tips on how to protect themselves and family from the clutches of terrorism. He will also provide an insight into the history of terrorism so that people are aware. Through his posts, people will get a general idea on the major terrorist attacks that have taken place across the world. They will learn about their impact on international relations and other global events.