Diamond Drilling

Important Applications Of Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is a drilling process used in the industrial and construction sectors. This method is widely accepted as the standard method for drilling holes. For this, a diamond drill bit is employed to drill through about any hard material. The main benefit of this drilling method is that it carries out the process quickly and efficiently. Like other techniques, this drilling technique also evolves day by day to bring improvement in the working structure.

Today, you will find diamond drilling technique in various other capacities of the construction sector. It allows a number of great challenging tasks to be completed where previously there was no optional equipment available.

Let us explore some these applications of diamond drilling used in the construction industry today.

Installing Of Ducting Or Electrical Cabling

Lots of times, installation of ducting or electrical cabling is carried for a number of purposes. Diamond drilling proves to be effective in this process of installation, as it drills holes successfully through a variety of concrete and brickwork structures. The main feature of this technique is that it drills a precise hole without damaging any surfaces. Hence, it is one of the most favoured techniques for installing with minimal mess in the process.


Bursting is precisely known as concrete bursting. It utilises diamond drilling to create a series of pilot holes within concrete, brick and stone surfaces of buildings that are to be demolished. When the holes are made with the help of diamond drilling, a hydraulic buster is inserted and it expands inside the concrete. It then splits it apart. Diamond drilling is the most recommended technique for precise demolition.

Extracting Core

In the core extraction process, wherein rock cores are extracted, diamond drilling can be effectively used. One other example is that it can be used even where street furniture is being fitted. In this procedure, it is crucial to remove parts of the street’s surface without damaging the structural condition and quality of the paving. It is proved that the process of diamond drilling creates a very little mess and disruption. Moreover, it effectively allows projects of this sort to be completed in an efficient and tidy fashion.

Diamond drilling is just suitable for any sort of environment, wherein it carries out the drilling process with very little noise and absolutely no dust. It drills the precise holes on any kind of hard surfaces, without disturbing the surrounding surface. Due to its lightweight, it can be carried out even in difficult working environments like confined spaces and also underwater. You will be surprised to know that you can carry out this process even by a remote control. Diamond drilling technique has so much advanced that it facilitates the user with lots of features and benefits.

Diamond drilling method is successfully used in other sectors as well, apart from the construction industry.


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