Heart Attack: Should Never be ignored These Symptoms

A heart attack happens to be one of the greatest health concerns which can even take a toll on your life. Heart attack comes with a number of warning signs and symptoms which are ignored by a majority of us because of one reason or the other.

According to a heart hospital in Delhi, you must never ignore the warning signs of a heart attack as ignoring these signs is only going to make the condition worse.

Heart attack treatment is only possible after knowing about the warning signs of a heart attack. Following are the warning signs that you must never take lightly:

  • Sudden headache:

If you experience sudden rounds of headache like never before, you must not ignore this sign. This especially happens if the headache peaks in seconds to minutes to any other part of the head. This mainly signals a ruptured aneurysm which is a blood vessel in the brain that suddenly begins to burst. It has several associations with the heart attack as well.

  • Chest pain:

Chest pain is considered to be one of the most common warning signs of a heart attack which is ignored by a number of people. Chest pain is considered to be the most common warning sign of a heart attack in the females and the same is ignored by them. This pain could be combined with the pain which radiates down the arm and causing excessive sweating, shortness of breath, and other problems such as nausea and vomiting.

  • Unexplained weight loss:

According to a heart hospital in Delhi, a weight loss which is unexplained is also considered to be an acute warning sign of a heart attack and the same must not be ignored at any cost. Losing more than 5 percent of the body weight over a period of six months without even trying is mainly associated with heart attack. At the same time, unexplained weight loss is also associated with cancer. Both of these health conditions are fatal.

  • Pain in the throat or jaw:

If you see it by itself, pain in your throat or jaw is not related to heart and in most of the cases, it is caused because of the reasons such as cold, sinus problem or any muscular issue. However, if you are suffering from pain or pressure in the center of your chest which gradually spreads up to your throat as well as the jaw, you should not take it lightly as it could be one of the major warning signs of heart attack. You must seek for heart attack treatment at once.

  • Getting exhausted easily:

If you are suddenly experiencing the feeling of exertion or tiredness even if you are not doing any tedious task, it could be a warning sign related to heart attack. Unexplained weakness as well as extreme exhaustion for days at a time is considered to be a symptom of heart disease. This condition is very common in women. Thus, you must seek consultation from a doctor at once on experiencing any such tiredness.

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