Guide to selecting the right Tableau partner

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If you’ve begun looking for a business analysis software such as Tableau, you’ve probably noticed that finding a right Tableau partner is by no means a cakewalk. You can start with beginning a short list of vendors by reviewing their websites. Armed with your short list, you can approach vendors to share your comprehensive requirements one-by-one.

This blog can help you figure out the right partner in your Tableau implementation journey.

Technical capability

When evaluating a Tableau partner, ask them if they have a dedicated team of technical evangelists who can conceptualize your vision. Ask further and know their technical proficiency, workforce models and working prototypes. It’s crucial to ensure that a partner’s tech expertise is the right fit for your unique business models.  

Watch recognizable names

The second thing you should look for is whether you recognize any of the customers listed down on their website. Having recognizable names as clients depicts a lot about the credibility of the Tableau consultant. Well-known names in the industry don’t trust their business operations to just anyone. A Tableau partner with recognizable names on its customer page is less likely to fail on its implementation or migration or any other professional front.  

A track record for similar implementations

What other factors can you take into account in selecting a BI implementation partner? Probably, you will seek an experience with a track record of similar implementations. Ideally, a partner should have the familiarity with implementations of a similar size and scope.  Alongside, the partner should be ready to show you the proof of concept (POC). This will help you to lay your trust on vendor and you can see your data in reports and visualize the way you want with Tableau.

Specific knowledge and expertise in your industry

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Every industry has specific demands, regulations, and compliance to abide with, and you should choose a partner that can ensure the solution meets those varied business demands. So, you can ask to demonstrate or show any success stories related to your industry.  

Fit for purpose

It is important to probe the reason for the implementation. If an upgrade is a purely immediate one, look for a partner that has the readily available methodology and hands-on experience to implement software quickly with minimal disruption to your business operations. On the other hand, if you have a decent time and looking for organization wise harmonization initiatives, look for a partner with cross-functional teams that can bring your exact vision for business intelligence.

Seek a partner who gives equal weightage to your aims and vision

You should look for a partner who gives equal importance to realize your dreams and vision. The vendor with whom you are doing business with should comprehensively understand your business objectives and what you hope to achieve through Tableau implementation. The best Tableau software services partner strive hard and ensure the achievement of your business benefits through  implementation.

There is no one specific mantra or tip to choose the Tableau implementation partner, but these tips are designed to guide any business through the early stages. There’s no question that interest in perfect business analysis software is drastically growing. There are a few elite premier members of Tableau who can help your implementations race forward with the right direction.