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Below we explain some of famous Muslim dresses


This is the most common type of veil used by Muslim women here in the United Kingdom. It is a veil that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face clear. Handkerchiefs come in many different shades and shapes and are often coordinated by colours with women’s outfits.


The niqab is a combination of a head covering and a scarf that covers the entire face of a woman, except her eyes. It usually flows to the centre of the back to cover a woman’s hair, and may flow to the middle chest in the front. It is used more frequently in Arab countries, but a growing number of Muslim women in the west choose to use it.

Although most scholars agree that the hijab is mandatory, only a minority of them say that the niqab is.

Casual stoles:

Casual stoles are one of well known dress which most of Muslim Ladies like to wear. These stoles are used to cover the upper portion of head. There are different varieties of Casual stoles available in the market. If you want to escape from the headache of shopping then one can get Casual stoles for sale online. There are many online stores which offer different kind of stoles at very reasonable rates.  On the online buy of these types of stoles one can get different types cash back option.


The chador is a full body outer garment, usually black, worn mainly by women in Iran. It is not secured on the front with buttons or clasps, so the woman keeps it closed. It comes in different colour and good option to cover the whole body.

Jilbab / Abaya

These are long and loose garments that Muslim women wear to cover the shape of their bodies. They are often used in combination with the hijab or niqab.

The niqab in Islam

Within Islam, there is disagreement about whether the niqab is obligatory. Ironically, the veil was practiced by many cultures before Islam, and scholars say that Muslims adopted the practice to adapt to these societies.

Today, the niqab is seen as a symbol of the opposite, of separation and difference. There are only two references, possibly ambiguous, in the Koran that specifically deal with women’s dress and this has led to different interpretations. So online buy of Muslim ladies dresses is good option.