Enjoy the spectacular wildlife Expedition in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Have you been thinking about going for night safari and enjoy the spectacular view of seeing wildlife in their natural habitats? Well, when people usually talk about experiencing the night safari in Jim Corbett National park then they are actually mean to say that they have explored the “Corbett landscape”.

This region does not come under Corbett tiger reserve and is open for sightseers all through the year. Generally speaking, there is no restraint on the number of gypsies going in this area and sightseers can take their own vehicles too in this part of the wilderness. There are different zones in Corbett you can explore. However, to have the best time there you need to book your rooms in a resort in Corbett beforehand.

The main zones of this national park that you can explore while your stay in resort in Corbett is:-

  1. Zhirna Zone: For this zone, you will require a permit for entry. Besides, there is a restriction on the number of gypsies that can pass through this gate. Hence, you can’t enjoy night safari, but day time safari in this zone.
  2. Durga Devi Zone: Like Zhirna zone, you will require a permit for entry in this zone through Durga Devi gate. Even in this zone entry of the number of gypsies is restricted. So, you can enjoy the jeep safari during daytime and unfortunately not in the night time.
  3. Bijrani Zone: You can enter this zone via Amanda gate and a permit is required to enter into this zone as well. Therefore, you can’t again go for night safari here as well. It’s a famous zone among tourists because of the tiger sightings in this region.
  4. Corbett Landscape: This region isn’t exactly the part of Corbett tiger reserve and can go for a drive in this area along with your friends which you may call as night safari.


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