eCommerce Stores V/S Physical Stores

One of the biggest eCommerce benefits is that has a minimum cost compare to the physical stores. Also, they have several costs like store sign, a design of the store, purchase inventory, sales equipment and more. They also need a security depending on the product value and quantity in the store.

Decrease travel time and travel cost:

No need to travel a long distance to the customer to reach the physical store. eCommerce allows the customer to buy the product within a few clicks.

Easily search the product:

In the eCommerce store customer can easily find all products according to the user’s requirement by just navigating the cursor or use of the search option. Some of the websites provide shopping lists to facilitate the repeat purchase.

Sell your product in the whole world:

If you have a physical store, then you are the limited by the geographical area. Using the eCommerce store you can sell your product in the whole world. Now a day eCommerce and ERP store are almost replaced by the physical stores.

No time limit:

With an eCommerce store customer can visit an eCommerce store and purchase a product at any time. Which is more beneficial for the customer. eCommerce stores open 24*7 for all customer.

A relation between customer and merchant:

The physical store is driven by the customer and merchant relationship and product branding. Another side eCommerce store driven by the website traffics from the search engine. If the customer finds the products and eCommerce stores will appear in the search results and customers navigate to the store. That is very easy process compare to the physical store.

Enable the deals and coupons:

Through the eCommerce store to deals, coupons and group shopping makes it much more easily and get the reasonable prices with the few clicks.

Target to a relevant customer:

Using the eCommerce store you can provide on the registration form. And by placing cookies on the customer’s computer. Information about this products is more important for the merchants. Merchants can mail you about this products or tell the customer to the special offers on the related offers.

Using on-demand delivery:

Shoppers or customers on your ecommerce store always want their orders to reach them as fast as possible and will prefer sites which provide on-demand delivery option. However this might cost you the shipping charges and hence this concept is a tricky one. Rather you can give your customers to plan their days rather than wait at home for the order to arrive. For example, you can track the delivery carrier and update the customer regarding it.

Be very particular regarding shipping details:

You should be always informative and should be one step forward than your customer. You should update your customer regarding shipping details and whether they meet the criteria for free shipping or not. Inform them well in advance if at all they will be charged the charges of shipping so that a customer has idea about all these.

Incentives for newsletter sign ups:

If your ecommerce store is a new one, then a visitor’s visit is not enough to convert him/her into your customer. Follow up marketing is required. Newsletters helps in this. You can use different newsletter softwares and keep a track on your visitors.

Handling coupon codes smartly:

Show the offers and coupon codes applicable on an item smartly keeping in mind the conversion to sales. The coupon codes must be shown whenever a visitor is going through the products page or a separate page listing all the active codes must be shows to your visitors.

Show popular items using videos:

Images have a limitation and no matter however good they are, don’t always sell products. If you want to boost your sales of popular items, more detail is required. This is why a video is best for these types of items. A short promotional or review videos is a great help. Though time consuming but will drive sales.

Carrying testing of your site:

Make it a habit to carry out usability testing on your site using different tools. Consider every small details like forms to major functions like checkout process. These tests will give you different qualitative and quantitative results. Analysis has become a core part for any business and it’s a tool for the success of it.

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