Complete IELTS Reading in 50 minutes

Finishing the IELTS perusing test inside the time apportioned is essential on the off chance that you need to score band 7 or 8. Unless you finish all inquiries, you are lessening your aggregate conceivable score. Along these lines, for instance, on the off chance that you neglect to finish the last 5 questions (something numerous understudies answer to me) or just figure them then your last score is presently out of a conceivable 35 or so as the last section is the most difficult and the odds of speculating effectively are decreased. In this manner to accomplish band 7 in Academic Reading you can’t bear to make more than 5 blunders and in General Training the circumstance is significantly more unstable – as you can just make 1 mistake!

Not dealing with your opportunity well is a high-chance amusement and one that won’t generally serve you.

How might you finish the perusing test inside the time?

Effortlessly, however there are three things you require:

  • Perusing capacity
  • Procedure
  • Practice

Those understudies who, in my experience, get high scores reliably can finish the test in around 50 minutes and 55 minutes for a more troublesome test and they all use these three things.

Perusing for Fun

For by far most of understudies who require band 7 and 8 that I meet and work with, perusing and composing are the two zones which frequently fall beneath band 7 and 8. Be that as it may, a modest bunch of understudies are very accomplishing a high score in their perusing and every one of them appear to make them thing in like manner – they are perusers. They appreciate perusing as a pastime and for joy; at times in English yet more imperatively in their own dialect.

Being a peruser gives you a head-begin in the perusing test as you will have senses about the perusing procedure which will help you to see how the writings are sorted out and how they function. This intuition works paying little heed to the point or topic and furthermore notwithstanding any obscure vocabulary or hard to-comprehend thoughts.

Truth be told at whatever point an understudy meets me out of the blue and has high perusing scores they perpetually disclose to me how they discover the perusing test simple – on the grounds that they appreciate perusing.

Another reality I can report is that regularly when I meet understudies who are battling with the perusing test – they disclose to me how they abhor IELTS perusing and how it influences them to freeze when they can’t discover the appropriate response. When we have cooperated for a brief period they start, in all cases, to appreciate the perusing and discover the sections fascinating and enlightening. This move in state of mind truly enhances abilities and all go ahead to score high groups; 7.5. 8, 8.5 and even 9, in perusing.

So the ability to draw in with perusing for the most part enhances scores and timing drastically.


Speed Reading is a valuable expertise and not one I myself have. I am really a ‘slowish’ peruser as I jump at the chance to check the detail and appreciate enjoying every one of the words and expressions – so this isn’t a decent procedure for IELTS. Numerous different understudies I work with let me know likewise that they can’t read quick. All things considered, fortunately you don’t particularly need to speed read. You can utilize strategies that chop down the measure of understanding you really do as such that you are ONLY perusing the appropriate responses.

The principal technique you require is the capacity to skim and sweep. These are two particular aptitudes: skimming is perusing rapidly to get the general data and essence of what the section or passage is about. Filtering is moving your eyes down the page to locate a particular word, number or name. There is NO POINT in filtering unless you have something particular to discover.


Skim the principal section toward the start of every entry to get a review of the theme.


Output for every one of the watchwords you recognize in the inquiries – once you locate the correct catchphrases (and there will be 3 or 4) at that point you read in detail to locate the real answer.

That is all you truly need to do with skimming and examining.

The following technique you require is to confine the ideal opportunity for each inquiry. You just have a moment for each inquiry so you must be strict about this and continue moving.

1 Minute for each Question

Understudies are frequently excessively frightened, making it impossible to proceed onward and leave an inquiry however there is no decision – you essentially need to.

On the off chance that you can’t discover an answer inside a moment or so at that point leave the inquiry and proceed onward – you can choose temporarily on the in all likelihood reply, make some sort of check so you know which question to return to and afterward proceed onward to the following inquiry. There are 3 times to return and look once more:

  • Toward the finish of that bank of inquiries
  • Toward the finish of that entry
  • Toward the finish of the test

What has a tendency to happen in the event that you are not overwhelmingly scanning for the inquiry is that you quit freezing and may really discover the appropriate response as you search for alternate inquiries. You wouldn’t trust how often when I am functioning with understudies on understanding, they all of a sudden observe the appropriate response VERY unmistakably when they are not hunting down it!!

So with this 1-minute-per-question procedure, you will discover (with training) that you can finish the entire test all the more rapidly and have room schedule-wise to backpedal and check questions you are not sure about.

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