Do You Commute Constantly in Your Car? Tips to Make Your Drive More Comfortable

The average U.S. commute is about 26 minutes long, according to the United States Census Bureau. For many commuters, that adds up to about 200 hours a year spent sitting in the car. And those numbers are much higher for people who live in metropolitan areas. While finding a job that doesn’t involve commuting isn’t always feasible, there are numerous ways you can make your drive to work more comfortable.

Seating Solutions

It’s easy to forget you have the ability to adjust your seat. Sometimes drivers find an acceptable position and never consider the possibility of more comfortable settings. If it’s been awhile since you’ve moved your seat up or down, back or forth, give it a try today. You might find that your previous position wasn’t as great as you thought.

Experimenting with the settings won’t cost you anything, but if you don’t mind spending some cash to enhance your comfort, consider shopping for a lumbar cushion as well. These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, so weigh your options carefully. Some of the most comfortable models feature memory foam. They can be especially useful for drivers who suffer from back pain.

Seat Belt Covers

Most of the states have some form of seatbelt laws. And regardless of the laws, wearing a seatbelt is a wise habit that just might save your life. You might as well make sure this essential safety feature fits comfortably. A shoulder strap for your seatbelt can relieve any discomfort on your collarbone during your commute. Just like lumbar support pillows, seat belt pads come in various designs and materials, ranging from sheepskin to microfiber.

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On hot, sunny days, heat and glare can make for uncomfortable commutes. Window tinting from services such as Colorado Tinting reduces both of those problems. Because tinting film rejects heat and sunlight, you won’t have to squint or wait for the car’s interior to cool down.

Although it’s not always obvious, the sun’s UVA rays can also be damaging to your skin – especially the side of your body nearest the door window. Tinting film protects you against this problem as well.


Physical comfort is important, but it’s not the only thing to focus on as you try to make your commute more bearable. Consider using a music streaming service or listening to a podcast series to take your mind off of the drive. Of course, good entertainment won’t actually shorten your drive to work, but it can make the time seem like it’s flying by. When coupled with the aforementioned strategies, entertainment options might even have you looking forward to your daily commute.