How to Clean Placemats? (Properly)

Placemats look amazing, and they can easily add a great style with color to your dining table. Most of the people love to buy white and pink color placemats. But, anyone can find these placemats dirty after using a month and more.

Many people use placemats in many meals which can make the mats dirty after a few days. To avoid such issues, you can buy leather placemats because these are easy to clean and offers the best durability. But, if you want to clean the existing one, then there are many methods.

To clean them properly and to make them look perfectly washed as they begin to look new, the below given methods can help you out.

  1. Vinyl Placemats

It doesn’t matter that you are using vinyl made placemats or the plastic one, both are easy to clean and maintain. Using a wet cloth to clean them out after your meal is the better way to avoid dirt. If the stains are strong and not easy to clean with normal water, you can apply some force and scrub them out.

This time, you should try out the mixture of water and dish wash or soap to clean it up effectively. These methods are preferred to clean conference table placemat, and you can rely on it for sure. The mild cleaner is also helpful to clean the placemats when nothing works and you can try out detergent in rare cases.

  1. Fabric Placemats

The fabric looks amazing, and it is designed to make your table look premium and better. However, the fabric is always magnetic to dirt and stains. If there is any stain on the fabric, you should remove them immediately, and it will help in avoiding all the future issues.

Soap and water can help clean a particular spot of the placemat, and it is a highly reliable option. In most of the cases, the fabric will get old and poor looking due to the use of soap and water. If you don’t want to avoid it, then use mild soap and clean the mat completely instead of that particular area.

  1. Cleaning Up Bamboo, Cork and wicker Mat

Hotels and premium resorts highly use these three materials because of their design and great durability. It doesn’t matter that you have bamboo or cork, you can use two simple methods that are mentioned in the first step. But, if that method doesn’t work, then you can try out others.

Cork placemats can be cleaned with the white vinegar due to its strong formula and nature of removing dirt. You can try to use the same thing with other materials, but make sure that you don’t use much amount. And dilute the vinegar to avoid stains on your mats.

Make sure that if you are buying conference room placemats made of Bamboo, Wicker, and Cork then don’t put them in the washer. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the placemats again, and you have to buy the new one for home. Hope, these three methods will help cleaning mats effectively and without any issue also.