How can you link videos between facebook and Youtube?

Sharing your video on social media platforms is a great way to increase views on your videos. But when you put the video space on facebook and a little player pops on, at that time the viewer’s seeing that video are not counted. That means those “views” are not counted in your youtube channel video. So as we all know, having a youtube channel and keeping it in flourish movement is only possible if we have more number of views on our video constantly and in youtube “payment” is also depended on the views we have in the video.

So, there is right way and a wrong way to link from youtube to your facebook. The wrong way is when you just put the link of your video with your thumbnail and post it on facebook. By this you are just sharing your video and not increasing the views as the videos watched will be only watched in facebook. Therefore we need to follow a right way to link the two. The following steps will help to do that using the great feature of youtube fblinker:

  1. Go to your facebook page or profile.
  2. Upload a thumbnail (make sure it is the most interesting one and has almost all the keywords of your video) along with a little description about your video. Remember not to put the link of your video here.
  3. Publish this post.
  4. Now go to your youtube channel.
  5. Copy the URL of your video.
  6. Since the URL is quite long, here’s how you can get a shorter and more presentable URL.
  7. Take help of google url shortner. Copy your original URL and get the shorter url.
  8. Copy this shorter url.
  9. Go back to your facebook page.
  10. Go the comment section of your recent post. Comment about your video. Add the thumbnail again along with the shorter URL.
  11. Now when you click on this, it will open the video in your youtube channel space.
  12. So the number of people who are seeing your video will be counted in the number of views to your video. And hence people can even like your video and subscribe to your channel.
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So all those who would have till now just posted the link of their video on Facebook without actually using face book linker youtube, those views on the video would not have been counted.

Now go ahead and use these steps to make sure each and every view on your video counts. Also YouTube videos can also be streamed to other social media as whatsapp where you can share your video with your friends and instagram where you can post the link of your video in your bio. In both these cases, the views on your video will be counted. Although, both these require a lot time and efforts and also Facebook is a much larger platform than whatsapp and Instagram.