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Onida is a very popular brand in India and seldom needs introduction. But for all those still unaware about this brand and are looking for a washing machine; well my friend ignorance in your case is certainly not bliss. Onida is one of the best brands for washing machine. It offers quality product for a great price. Both quality and affordability can be easily found. It manufacturers both simpler as well as high end complex models of washing machines for those with different needs. The price range caters to a huge chunk of the population easily if not all. Onida is well known for its great after sale services as well as warrantee and guarantee periods. When it comes to buying a washing machine people are often confused between different types of washing machines. Whether to get a front loader or top loader address this question first i would say it depends on your needs. Having said that, I would still recommend for the customer to get a front loader washing machine as it consumes less water and is in general better than the top loader washing machines. Another confusion between customers is whether to get a fully automatic or a semi – automatic washing machine. You can get the one that suits you best. A fully automatic comes with many more feature that allow you full control over the way washing machine will wash your clothes, like number of spins per minute, temperature control, etc. A semi automatic on the other hand may not have all these features. So decide based on the features that will make the process easier and more convenient for you.

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