Build the Ideal Career in Data Science

The millennial boom and the massive advances in technology has lead to the creation of massive amount of data everywhere. Market insiders have predicted that by 2025 there will be more than 200 zettabytes of data being processed. Such huge amount of data needs lot of analysts to analyse and draw the relevant information from it.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods and processes to extract knowledge from the various data sources, it is quite relatable to the traditional data mining. It has been often defined by industry experts as a concept that to unify statistics, data analysis and other related methods. Data science has been made of techniques from various fields like mathematics, statistics, machine learning, computer sciences and cluster analysis.

Data science vs. Big data analysis

A lot of time youngsters might be confused between big data analysis and data sciences, both are different things built on the same foundation. So, you need to be careful while choosing a course. It is quite easy to become a data scientist if you get the art of data analysis right, with rigorous practicing you would become proficient.

Data science has found its usage in recommender system, internet search and digital adverts whereas big data analysis is used in retail, communications and financial services. So, don’t be confused between these two top contenders.

Data science: the tool of the future

Data science is adding value to all the business models and helping make organisations make better decisions and improve the growth. It helps in analysing the previously acquired data and predicts possible situations and risks that can be minimised in the future. With every industry generating humongous amounts of data, it has made a foray from the traditional technical field into the world of e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, gaming and various others. Data science courses in India is thus catching up quickly with job seekers.

Data science in India

India is a growing technological nation catching up quickly with the Western powers; it is also the first choice for outsourcing for the IT giants based out of US and European countries. Therefore, the data science courses in India are gaining immense popularity with young graduates queuing to join up. Several online and offline courses are available, thus select a one that will help you the most with your career.

Some of the basic qualifications required to become a data scientists are

  • A graduation n any discipline, but preference is given to those from engineering, mathematics, statistics and computer sciences background.
  • Other skills required are that of SAS and/or R. Some other technical skills are Python coding, and the ability to work with both structured and unstructured data derived from social media video, audios and various other sources.
  • Individual skills which impresses your employer is how quick you create algorithms and are able to grasp problem and enable your analytical skills.

So, join the wagon and put wings to your career and be on the fast track to reaching those pinnacles you dream of. Data science courses in India has become the hottest trends, with several institutes providing you the opportunity of lifetime.

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