BPO India: A Perpetual Amplification


Indian BPO sector is the vanguard of offshore outsourcing. There have been disruptions, uncertainties, transformations, and essential evolutionary changes in the BPO sector, but none has been powerful enough to shake India’s position as a leader at the global level. Several claims came up that India is losing its grip on the BPO sector, the number speaks otherwise though. Currently, India is the owner of the 66% of the total call centers in the world, making it a dominant player in the industry.

The reason for India’s dominance is not one but many. Several reasons that solidify and strengthen India’s trailblazer reputation in the BPO sector are:

1.    Qualified workforce

India has a sophisticated yet structured education system that produces around 1.5 million engineers and half a million MBAs annually. That is a seriously large resource of highly qualified professionals that are available to work for your business. Corporations and enterprises across the USA, UK, Australia, etc are continuously looking to hire one of the prominent BPO Indian firms because the former is aware of the high standards of the workforce here. Overall, each year, 5 million STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) graduates pass in India.

2.    Tech-savvy nation

Indians are quite excited about technology and that makes Indian BPOs an ideal and first choice of businesses in the European and American organizations. Especially, the IT companies want to outsource their functions to an off-shore location where their customers can be catered with proficiency and precision, Indian call centers became an ideal alternative.

Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) and Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) shows why India is known as a land of tech-savvy people. Also, the social media giant, Facebook has 5 offices in India, second-most in any nation after the USA. That’s how India’s tech reputation is maintained and is expected to become stronger with time. Western organizations always keep Indians quite high in terms of tech proficiency. This also means that even if any upgradation or advancements are made in the technology sector, India won’t be amongst the countries that aren’t able to cope up with those changes.

3.    Telecom giant

India is able to sustain its apex position in the offshoring outsourcing market because of the fact that the nation holds Asia’s largest telecommunication network with over 25 million cables laid around. Better, this is growing at a swift rate. A good number of private and public organizations have installed nearly 8500 VSATs spread across India, which superbly boosts hosting of the business process outsourcing here.

4.    The timezone factor

Most of the European and American organizations prefer BPO Indian firms as their first choice because of the ideal time-zone difference. India’s time zone difference with the USA is approximately 12 hours that is perfect for the American organizations looking to provide a 24*7 assistance to their customers. Indian call centers, with an extensive experience in the domain, hire a large workforce that serves in multiple shifts to provide an unparalleled assistance to the customers.

5.    The Dialect advantage

Even though China has the largest population in the world still, India is outsourcing sector’s leader because of the proficiency in the English language that people possess here. After the USA, India holds the second largest English speaking population in the world. First the tech-competency, then the ability to converse in English (that is quite predominant in the American and European continent) makes Indian BPOs as the obvious choice for outsourcing.

6.    The affordability

The fact that the real-estate price in India is quite average, makes it a perfect destination for the emergence of several call centers. The price of property in other outsourcing nation is not as low as it is in India. Even though the real-estate cost has gone up in the metro cities in the last decade, BPO owners are now shifting their bases to the Tier II cities, balancing the profitability factor quite remarkably.

In addition to this, the cost to recruit tech experts in India is almost 3-4 times less than in the USA and European nations. So, by outsourcing their operations to the BPO Indian companies, Western organizations can save a good capital they would have otherwise expended.

Final Take

Indian BPO industry is going to flourish in India for a long time now seeing the number of aspects that affect its dominance at the global stage. There are other elements beside the above-mentioned factors that would ensure that India’s supremacy in the BPO sector. One such factor is the easy-to-go attitude of the Indian government with the outsourcing sector. This makes India a credible and secure place to hand over the business functions. If you think I have missed some major factor, kindly use the comment section below. Thanks!