Big Data in India Holds Limitless Possibilities

India is currently hosting one of the 10 largest big data analytics markets in the world. The possibilities of analytics in India are limitless. Big data, in India, can really go beyond being a money maker for large enterprises – it can actually solve a lot of socio-economical problems of the nation.

The industry is currently growing at an annual rate of 26% and is already worth more than $2 billion. Two things primarily drive big data in India.

  1. An ever expanding market
  2. The expansion of digitized India

The first one, we can understand, is a direct result of the population of this country and the recent economical and technological growth. The second point however, is derived from the efforts of the government as well as various major corporations. Smart phones in India have an ever expanding user-ship. In fact the introduction of cheap smart phones and the easy and cheap accessibility of the internet have helped inflate the data resources in India.

The people, who were hardly visible to the businessmen can now, be taken under the large umbrella of digital India, owing to the accessibility of internet and smart-phones. Now, a greater breadth of the market can be analyzed and the services can be customized based on the analyses. Big data can be effectively used to improve the urban as well as rural life of Indians. Customizing various services will be much easier by analyzing the behavioural pattern of the people.

Applying big data analytics in practical public service needs a lot of preparation and fineness of execution but wonders can be achieved. The application of analytics in medical science is well proven around the world. It can be used in improving logistics, security, banking and many other services.

The hub of Indian analytics is situated in Bangalore. This city has embraced the technological revolution and provided the infrastructure that is required to build a technological hub. Currently nearly one third of the big data jobs are created in Bangalore alone. The analytics training institutes have also gathered in and around this city. Big data certification in Bangalore is not something very hard to find; but you want to make sure that you really learn the skills and get ready to make a mark. Big data in India is moving forward pretty fast; only a small part of the companies operating from India are investing in analytics but a great many are planning to invest. So, things are going to get bigger than ever. The workforce is still in the making hence the big data experts are scooping excellent salaries. Things might change a little bit a few years down the line but at present it is all sunny and bright.

The key to succeed is of course to keep learning and to be at the right places at the right nick of time. Yes, luck does sometimes play a vital role in the turns of your career, and it is often not in your favour. But what is surely in your favour is the trend. Get your big data certification in Bangalore or in another city like Delhi or Hyderabad and get going.

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