How Big Data HAS Created a Big Business Avenue For Science


Today, data is the new electricity for the 21st century, lightening up many innovations and research related to automation and intelligent projects around the world. The fad is catching and the power of Big Data is only growing with each passing hour, remarkably supported and promoted by the connoisseurs of the Internet of Things, Business Intelligence, Embedded Analytics, and Cloud Computing with Quantum frameworks. There are at least 5000 or more technology-based platforms and projects (Cloud, SaaS, ERP and Enterprise AI) that are working on Big Data essentials.

In 2019-2020, the rise of data science is pegged on a huge factor – talent. The talent would be sourced from Big Data courses.

Here’s how Big Data is slated to further create brighter business opportunities for science.

Big Data for Cybersecurity and Payments Safety

Dig into the Big Data courses in Bangalore and you are most likely to get a sense of how different banking and financial sector is growing with the maturity of data science and deep learning concepts. The volume of data generated from the banking and insurance industries are enormously large but valuable nonetheless to study how customer interactions play out at the banking point of contacts.

Harnessing Big Data in banking has made risk management in cyber systems far more important than ever before. Big Data courses from Bangalore could further prevent the rise of anti-social activities like cyberterrorism and bank frauds from spreading their roots into the core banking systems and ATM units.

BPO and Customer Service Call Center

Did you know that BPOs dealing with lead generation services and marketing campaigns are also using Big Data? Big Data in customer service aid tele-callers and retail sales teams in a better understanding of the customer behavior and shopping patterns.

Personalized interactions and chats are all built around Big Data analytics and deep learning algorithms running on AI and Machine learning technologies. Today, BPOs are determined to hire professionals with Big Data course experience and lead them to build a powerful data-driven architecture that everyone in the organization could benefit from.

Big Data for Social Media

Social media monitoring is at the brink of breaking into the top 10 biggest revenue-focused sectors in the online marketing industry. Today, social media is all about Big Data. From celeb influencers to mega brands and political parties, every social media team is focused on developing their core data mining teams to ascertain the public sentiment.

Big Data for Health care

Finding a cure for cancer—well, not there yet?

Finding a cure for AIDS – not there yet?

Cloning organs for critically injured patients – not there yet?

However, the data science community is convinced that Big Data has “all” the answers to fighting and curing the biggest global killers.

Data professionals from Bangalore institutes can approach the ‘biggest’ opportunities by keeping a close eye on how the Health care, Cloud Computing and IoT companies are mushrooming globally.