How to adorn your room with Indian Paintings?

Art is an exemplary expression of human beings in the form of exquisite patterns and vivacious colour combinations. From the times when humans started living in the cave, art has been an inseparable facet associated with the civilisation.

Those who love art understand the beauty and elegance of the appealing and striking beautiful paintings. Some of the art aficionados tell that art brings peace to their inner self, while others tell that seeing the appealing piece of art makes their brain more reactive.

It is true, art does impact humans in a way that is different and strange. Art lovers spend their time selecting the right painting that can satiate their quench appropriately. Some succeed while others keep on learning with every mistake they make.

For an instance, what is the first factor that you look in a piece of artwork while making a purchase? For some, it may be the artist or the art style or the appearance that hits the heart at first instance.

Whatever may be the reason, purchasing the right art is still not an easy task. Especially if you are a newbie, following certain tips will surely make your purchase journey much smoother.

In this article, I am scribbling down some of the intriguing tips that will help the art aficionados such as yourself to get hands on the right piece of Indian art for your room. Let’s start:

Know your liking

There are several distractions for art lovers. Like you may love a piece of art which is strictly not recommended by the art experts. That painting might not be popular, still, it took your heart away. What to do?

I recommend to all the art lovers to get a clear picture of what they like actually. Quite a few art aficionados end up purchasing some paintings they do not like themselves but think others will. That’s quite common in the art world. However, this approach is quite a blunder.

As an art lover, it is your first duty to get in line with your own taste. Try to understand what sort of paintings you are getting attached to.

For example, if you are connected with Indian paintings, try to explore the varied range accordingly. The best of the art lovers get successful because they always choose paintings as per their likings only.

Choose wisely

In the world of art, there can be a number of tempting artworks that may draw you towards them. Art lovers breaking the financial shackles and going an extra mile to get some mesmerising piece of painting is not a new thing.

As an art aficionado, if you are seeking a suitable painting for your room, select the artwork that talks to you. When you get connected with the artwork, see if the painting’s price lies in your budget.

It is quite paramount that you balance out your budget constraint with your taste. I know it’s not that easy as most of the times we like the paintings that are out of our budgets.

The best way to handle such a dilemma is to first set your budget and then only explore artworks that lie under the same cost umbrella.

Even if you have just $ 100 to spend, with a little research and patience, you can get your hands on the best-fit painting for your room.

There are numerous Indian paintings on various online galleries that you can purchase for a quite affordable range. In short, expand your search and vision.

Consider the little things

Art lovers who are knowledgeable enough understand that it is the little things that matter the most. For an instance, while buying a piece of art for your room, always keep in mind the colour of the wall space.

If the wall’s colour is light, a dark and bold coloured painting will be best suited for the purpose. Along with this, choose a particular theme such as contemporary, traditional, abstract or modern style.

The size of the wall surprisingly plays an important role in the decision-making process of buying an artwork. If the wall size is small, miniatures would be the best choice and vice versa.

A lot of art lovers do the blunders while selecting traditional, modern or Indian paintings to spruce up their rooms. Follow the above-discussed tips and I am sure you would end up with the most suited piece of art for your room.

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