7 types of representatives you will find in a customer service centre

According to a global study conducted by Harvard Business Review on 1,140 call centre representatives, they found that there are seven types of reps. found in every call centre. The sevens types of reps. are Controllers, Hard-workers, Competitors, Accommodators, Empathizers, Innovators and Rocks. The survey include a close study of reps. to understand their different types of work approach.

  1. The Controller

These types of callers are opinionated and outspoken in nature. They like to demonstrate expertise overview and initially directs the customer’s attention. Controllers are positioned no. 1 because they do a lot better job than their counterparts. They are ambitious in delivering fast and accurate service and are more comfortable at utilizing their determined personality in order to exhibit the inner expertise qualities. Not every customer service centre has a ‘controller’ and it is hard to find them as well. According to the study controllers describe themselves as ‘take charge’ kind of people just like leaders who prefer to build a plan and then go with the flow. Controllers are verbal and opinionated and are proficient in making decision when no one is in charge.

  1. The Rocks

They are calm and optimistic, almost mysterious in nature. Avoids complex conversations with the customer personally. They tend to survey within their limitations, No matter how frustrated the customer is ‘the rocks’ render limited service to the prospects. He/she will keep conversations up to the point and avoid unnecessary conversations with the client. They are highly appreciated for their calm nature but condemned for limited service.

  1. The Accommodator

Accommodator allows the customer to make the decision. They prefer meeting clients halfway and eagerly offers discount and refund to the customer. Accommodators are opposite of controllers. If controllers take charge then definitely accommodator lets customer take charge of situations. When the HBR survey team inspected directors and supervisors of customer service centre. They came across some really bad news. Only 11% agreed to hire an accommodator.

  1. The Empathizer

Every call centre has an empathizer. They are one who loves solving others problem and tries to understand customer’s behaviors and motives. The study depicts that empathizers make upto 32% of all frontline service reps. Throughout the survey a lot of managers described an ideal agent to be someone who loves to help others, a good listener and a service oriented person. The customers does not call because they want to, they call service centre because they need to.

  1. The Hard-worker

Working hard is good but working smart is better. A hard-worker works hard to reach his/her goals. A follower of every rules and regulations. Employees who works hard in a customer service centre is regarded to be persistent in nature and is deadline-oriented. Sticking to the conventional attributes to deliver services hard-workers are the second most desired after empathizers and they rank 5th in the list of reps.

  1. The Innovator

Their heads are full of new ideas. An innovator is the one who will come up with new and innovative ideas to renovate and rearrange the processes. High on energy to generate new ideas and options. Every process will just be in the tip of his tongue. Meetings, conference or may be a group discussion they are the one to put their ideas forefront. This type of employees does not care what their senior representative consider, when they have an idea they just put them into words. No doubt innovators identifies ways to improve work efficiency.

  1. The Competitors

They comes last on the list, with a chance of just 1% proportion. Competitors focus on winning, outperforming their colleagues and trying to change others view and opinion. Consciously or unconsciously these set of workers thrive not to surpass deadlines but instead defeat others. Unfortunately, it creates a negative impact on colleagues and the work place as well.

Harvard Business Review shares that out of all the sales representatives controllers are a best fit to deal with customer related issues. An ideal customer service centre will always hire empathetic agents. But, as a matter of fact controllers are quite empathetic in nature (according to the interview conducted by Harvard Business Review). They do understand customers’ need and their anger. But they respond in a distinctive way.

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