6 Reasons to Invest in an NBFC Best FD Plan

When it comes to investing your hard-earned or saved money in an investment scheme, you would opt for the best FD plan, right? It’s because the fixed deposit scheme is one of the most secure and reliable investment plans in India. Unlike other plans such as stocks, equities, and mutual funds, the best FD plan gives you the guarantee of ROI as it’s not impacted by prevailing conditions in the market. However, the dilemma that investors face depositing their money into a fixed deposit plan in India is whether to opt for the conventional bank FD or one by an NBFC. Compared to bank FD plans, the schemes of the non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are far more profitable as they provide higher interest ROI and more. This post will give you quick insights about the benefits that you can avail if you opt for the NBFC or company fixed deposit.

What is an NBFC fixed deposit plan?
The NBFC fixed deposit plan is nothing but a fixed deposit scheme, which is also known as the company FD plan. As an investor, you can invest in an NBFC plan and earn a higher value of interest rate over a flexible tenor.

What are the benefits of investing in an NBFC fixed deposit plan?
Higher and assured returns, a safety of the deposits, flexible tenors, online fixed deposit calculator and much more, an NBFC FD plan can offer you much more. Have a look:

Up to 8.40% as the ROI

When you plan to invest your money with an NBFC, you can gain a fixed 8.40% as the Return on Investment (ROI). What’s more, if you are a senior citizen, you can grab a fixed 8.75% ROI on your investment. Grabbing a lucrative sum at the end of the tenor can help you manage and plan your expenses without issues. Compared to other FD plans such as banks’, your invested money lets you earn more and help cover many life goals.

Minimum deposit of only Rs.25,000

The minimum deposit amount required for the fixed deposit plan with a company or NBFC is Rs.25,000, which makes it a favorable deal to start investing. You can also open multiple fixed deposit plan each one suiting your needs and goals.

A higher degree of stability and credibility

When you invest in an NBFC’s best FD plan, you can be sure of your invested money. it is because your fixed deposit accounts are secured by ICRA’s MAA (Stable) rating, and CRISIL’S FAA/Stable ratings. The coverage of these two security shields is a guarantee that your investment is safe and is never at a risk.

Fixed and assured Return on Investment

Your mutual funds, equities, bonds and other investment plans may give you a higher ROI than FD, but its ROI is not fixed as they are affected by market conditions. On the other hand, the ROI of the FD is fixed as it’s not affected by prevailing market conditions.
The facility of the fixed deposit calculator

Leading non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) also provide the unique facility of the online fixed deposit calculator to its investors. With the help of the EMI calculator, you can easily check your ROI in advance on an invested amount of money so that you can increase or decrease the amount to meet your goals.

Online account management

Once you avail the facility of the NBFC fixed deposit with highest return plan in India, you can easily track its progress via the digital customer portals of the lenders. Like this, you can be sure to access all your FD account information right from anywhere and 24/7.
The Bottom Line
Everyone should develop a saving and investment habit so that you can let your money work for you to provide you with some ROI over a tenor that you can use. You can use the money for your retirement, for meeting small and large goals.

Now that you are aware of the reasons and benefits of investing in an NBFC best FD plan, you can start investing in a plan online and get started.