5 Benefits of NEW Diesel Generators

Powerfind International Ltd has a wide range of diesel generators for sale, including popular brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins and Perkins. They are more efficient than any used diesel generators and gas generators.

So, what are diesel generators used for?

Diesel generators are used as a backup for when power fails, preventing the need to suspend operations or for use when a connection to the mains isn’t available at your business site.

The Cummins 550kVA generator come with a soundproof enclosure which also suitable for all weathers. Although you may associate diesel generators to have industrial uses, it also comes in handy for other industries including agriculture, marine, forestry and telecommunications, because ofits low maintenance design and its low impact on the environment. The main reason diesel generators are so preferable is that they are safe and reliable.

Powerfind International’s new generators offer many advantages for various applications. But what are the benefits of a new diesel generator?


A new diesel generator is significantly quieter than any a petrol or even an older used diesel generator, take the 100 kVA Perkins P110-6 Diesel generator for instance. This generator is one of the brand-new generators Power find International sells, one of its main features is a soundproof enclosure which makes it more desirable than a generator that’s been used before. Although a used generator has been fully serviced and tested, it will be significantly louder.

Low maintenance

There are no sparks and plugs included in Powerfind’s diesel generators, so you needn’t worry about creeping maintenance costs! Not only are diesel generators safer than gas and petrol engines, they’re easy to use and affordable! A used generator can often require relatively high levels of maintenance because it’s more susceptible to power failure, having been used before.


What happens when your power supply is insufficient? Can you afford to put any projects on hold until the power comes back on? This is not only time-consuming, it can have costly consequences for your business.So,why not invest in Powerfind International’s diesel generator hire? It could save you time and money, providing you with a readily-available supply of energy.


If you’re looking to reduce your fuel costs, look no further than Powerfind’s diesel generators! When compared to gas engines, diesel generators are significantly more economic and efficient, requiring less fuel, this can ultimately save you up to 50%on fuel.


Diesel generators are fuel efficient, they require less fuel which saves you money. When it comes to efficient operation, you should choose a Powerfind diesel generator! Whether it’s a Cummins diesel generator or a Caterpillar diesel generator, our products are long-lasting meaning that you can use them frequently before they need servicing and maintaining!

If you’re looking for diesel generator hire that you can trust, contact Powerfind International today

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