4 reasons why you should learn machine learning

The concept of machine learning that is a training a machine that can respond to new situations or improve its functionality without human intervention had arrived for the first time during the Second World War. A lot of us have heard of Allan Turing and many of us have watched the movie called ‘The Imitation Games’. It shows how a machine capable of interpreting data by itself breaks a impeccably hard code to turn the course of the war. That is machine learning at its very early days. We have now moved far ahead in terms of computation and in terms of the ability to access and process data. Now, is the time for machine learning to take the world by storm and you know that it has started well. It makes total sense to become a machine learning professional in this decade for a number of different reasons. Let us review some of those.

  1. Machine Learning Looks Immune to Disruptions so far

We will talk about the career oriented aspects first. And whenever we discuss a career in technology what comes to mind is a sudden disruption that might render your role invalid. The developments in machine learning have come across as one of the major disruptive tides in technology. It has the ability to render quite a few job roles obsolete through automation. So, the best way to escape the disruption is to become it. Learn machine learning and you will have one less thing to worry about.

  1. Machine learning drives the chariot of artificial intelligence

Yes, machine learning and artificial intelligence are separate entities keep no doubts about that. Machine learning is however a major participant in the formation of an artificially intelligent or let us say rational system. Any AI system needs to learn first in order to develop artificial cognitive abilities. That learning through exposition to data happens through machine learning. I do not need to tell you how important a role in the AI industry can be for your career. Machine learning can surely pave your way into there.

  1. Industry wide adaptation of ML

The chief information officers across many companies all around the globe have decided to put their investments in machine learning this year. The effectiveness of machine learning driven chatbots among other things has shaken businesses across the industries. It is possible to channelize a large portion of the workforce to do more creative work by using machine learning for doing the menial stuff. Robust AI based chat bots may actually outsmart the average BPO operator in a few years from now.

  1. Applications in myriad of fields

Be it the retail industry or agriculture machine learning can make a huge difference. The developments in natural language processing, deep learning and image processing have made it possible to distribute various services in a better manner around the world. At one hand we have a self driving car in making and at the other hand we have automated diagnostic systems that can improve medical facilities. Machine learning can be beneficial as a tool for business as well as for altruism.

A great career awaits you in machine learning. Grab it before the market saturates.