3 Sure Shot Ways of Improving the Performance of a Call Centre

In today’s times, the expectations of customers are skyrocketing and the competition is at an all-time high. Managing these two gigantic tasks along with ensuring that a business utilises every resource efficiently is the nightmare of every member of the management. One challenge which is being faced by everyone is pertaining to the most optimum way in which these responsibilities can be juggled while driving the company towards a prosperous future. At such moments, when managing numerous activities makes companies lose their focus from the core activities, outsourcing becomes the safest bet.

Call centre services have become an indispensable part of businesses these days. They take the burden from the shoulders of a company’s internal management while ensuring that the outsourced function is efficiently handled from their end. Undeniably, they play a vital role in making a company reach the pinnacle of success. There are numerous contact centres who offer the best-in-class services to companies and help them in achieving their objectives. However, even the finest call centres have a scope of becoming better and this article would is aimed towards the three impeccable ways, by means of which the performance of these centres can be improved.

  • Hiring and Training Overhaul:
    The performance of agents determines the quality levels of a call centre services By revamping the process of training the agents, the high proficiency levels of these employees can be ensured. However, effective training sessions will work their magic only when the right kind of agents are hired who are capable enough to adapt to such coaching. If the company is facing issues with retention, motivation, pay and employee engagement in general (even after undertaking necessary steps), then it is quite certain that the problem lies with the hiring process. A complete overhaul is what the company needs in order to ensure that the right candidates are brought on board in the first stage. By revamping these two process entirely, the problem of agent attrition can be solved to a very great extent.
  • Quality call monitoring:
    Innovation isn’t a luxury but a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. In order to sustain oneself in the storms of competition, winning over the support of customers is paramount as that is the only way a company can sail through in tough times. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customers can be wooed only when there needs are entirely taken care of. In order to do so, having credible information about their requirements is extremely vital. Quality call monitoring is a practice which helps in knowing exactly that while assisting a company in inventing ways through which these wishes could be fulfilled.
  • A detailed understanding of KPIs:
    There are numerous KPIs floating around in the domain of outsourcing, but it is vital to identify the ones which will help in improving the performance of one’s own call centre services. Just like there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, each and every business is different and no one set of KPIs work for all. It is vital to gain an insight on the numerous performance indicators and in an attempt to identify the ones which will work the best for oneself. Right from measuring the quality levels of customer satisfaction to the quality of call centre itself, KPIs help in ensuring that the business goals are achieved. Some of the widely used key performance indicators are call abandon rates, queue time, call completion rate, and first call resolution.

Though there are innumerable ways which can improve the performance of call centre services extensively, the aforementioned ones are the most significant ones. They encapsulate the small measures and only by retaining the focus on these three measures, the functioning can be enhanced immensely which will help contact centres in attaining the main objective of success.

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