23 Fashion Tricks and Tips which can Save You A Fortune!

Fashion disasters are common and unawareness of how to handle them can waste the money spent on purchasing fashion accessories. Even a tiny grease can spoil the costliest grease; while even the simplest t-shirt can be worn smartly to make a style statement. Most of the fashion hazards can be resolved with simple and available tools. Others can be prevented by being a little cautious. Here are the top tips and tricks which can be used on a daily basis.

  1. T-shirts such as designer t-shirts which are prone to sweat stains can be sprayed with lemon juice before washing. The natural acid in it dissolves the alkaline sweat residue; that could cause discoloration of the t-shirt.
  2. Keep the top button buttoned while rolling the sleeves to achieve the perfectly cuffed sleeve.
  3. To get an illusion of a longer torso, wear V-neck t-shirts and sweaters.
  4. Red wine stains can be removed with the help of white wine.
  5. White deodorant marks can be removed by gently rubbing the fabric against the protective foam used on hangers.
  6. While organizing clothes in the closet; organize it from left to right going from light to dark.
  7. For those who don’t have time to try on jeans in the store, determine the size by placing the waistline of the jeans around the neck’s diameter. The jeans will fit perfectly if its waistline comfortably meets the back of the neck.
  8. Wearing the garment immediately after ironing can cause new wrinkles to form. Now allow it to set for a minimum of five minutes.
  9. Before purchasing the graphic t-shirts online, the portal must be scrutinized for return policies. So even if the t-shirt fits incorrectly or has any flaws; it can be returned.
  10. Using a pumice stone to de-fuzz a sweater.
  11. Run an iron over the piece of clothing with wax on it; layer it with a sheet of wax paper over the hardened wax. The wax comes right out of it once the paper is pulled.
  12. Avoid holes and runs on tights by spraying it with sticky and cheap hairspray.
  13. Do not rub the clothes when something is spilled on it. This can further etch the stain into the weave. Bloat it instead.
  14. Align the shoulder seam of the dress with the shoulder bone (not the collarbone) to see where the hem will hit. This is useful when one does not feel like trying on the dress before purchase.
  15. Lipstick stain on your t-shirt can be removed with the help of hairspray.
  16. Oil and grease stains can be removed with dawn dish detergent as they have high levels of surfactants.
  17. Ask the tailor to reattach the original hem while shortening the jeans. It is worth the extra cost.
  18. Pant hems should not graze the top of the shoes unless they are tapered or cropped pants. Hem must be from ½ to ¾-inch off the floor.
  19. To loosen the pants, air dry and stretch the waistband with a hairdryer or by hand while they are still damp.
  20. If the garment to be ironed has detailing or delicate buttons; cover them with a bowl of a metal spoon and press the surrounding area.
  21. For girls, pair dressy bottoms with a worn gray crew-neck T-shirt or a sweatshirt to archive a stylish look.
  22. As jeans shrink in length when washed, new jeans must be washed at least twice before taking them to the tailor.
  23. Remove liquid makeups from shirt collars by using a washcloth and a shaving cream.
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Last but not least, shop only from reputed portals which are authentic and do not overcharge. These fashion tricks and tips can save one from throwing a costly attire because of a tiny mark. These tips and tricks do not even require any costly equipment and are readily available. Using them can save one a fortune.