10 Ways to Plan a Yard Design

Your backyard is one of the key spaces in your home, and yet it’s a space that is often neglected or underutilized. Your backyard can be a place of sanctuary, a place to entertain, or an aesthetic wonder, but in order to reach that level, you must execute a carefully planned yard design.

There are as many ways to design your yard as there are people, and you must decide on the right design elements for you and your family based on the way in which you use your yard (or hope to do so). What follow are 10 of our favorite suggestions for ways to take a yard to the next level.

10. Install a Sprinkler System

As the number one sprinkler system Denver residents turn to, Colorado Sprinkler Service can speak to the difference a great sprinkler system can make. It’ll keep your lawn green and freshly watered, while removing from your plate the stress of having to get out there with the hose. A good sprinkler system activates at regular intervals, supplying the grass with fresh water. If your backyard features a lawn, installing a sprinkler system is a good first step to keeping the place looking beautiful.

9. Build a Fence

Fence companies Denver and elsewhere point to the benefits of fencing in your property. One of the most significant is the privacy aspect. When you build a fence around your yard, you create a private little nook where you can feel more free to be yourself. It changes the atmosphere of your yard slightly. In an unfenced backyard, you may feel completely exposed, but with a fence around you, you’re sure to feel some protection.

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8. Landscape Plants

You want to make sure you choose the right kind of plant for the environment you’re in. It’s not a good idea to pick something just because it looks pretty. Research the plants you’re thinking of including in your yard and make sure they’re able to survive in the climate where you live.

7. Pathways

In order to be able to walk through your yard without trampling the grass, you need to establish pathways. Even if your yard doesn’t feature a lawn, it’s a good idea to lay out where the walkways are so you don’t feel like you’re cutting across your yard all the time. Ensure that the pathways take you everywhere you need to go in your yard.

6. Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your yard can make it feel very peaceful and relaxing. Stress disappears when you sit by the koi pond or listen to water trickle over your miniature waterfall or from your fountain. You may find your yard completely transformed by the addition of a water feature. Shop around and find the right one for you.

5. Seating

What good is a beautiful backyard if you can’t sit outside and enjoy it? Create a comfortable seating area that you can share with guests and friends. When choosing outdoor seating, consider comfort, but also consider how it will hold up in the weather conditions of your city. If you live somewhere vulnerable to snow, cloth cushions might not be the right choice. If you experience high winds, beware of light wicker.

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4. Swimming

It’s a luxury item, of course, but it’s worth considering whether you want a pool or hot tub in your yard. When you ponder this question, make sure you weigh the merits of above ground vs. in ground. Also, consider the upkeep a pool requires and make sure you’re ready for it before you commit.

3. Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity, giving homeowners the option to cook and serve meals right outside. It’s another luxury item, but it might be something of interest to you and your loved ones, particularly if you live in an area where the weather is nice and spending a lot of time outside is an option.

2. Deck

A deck provides you with a way to spend time outside without being right on the ground, which is great if you live in a cooler area. The ground tends to get cold quickly as we move into the colder months, so having a deck will allow you to spend more of the year outside. If you do elect to have a deck, many of the items we’ve mentioned so far—lawn furniture, grills, and even plants—may find a home on your deck.

1. Lighting

There’s no need to stop enjoying your yard when the sun goes down! Outdoor lighting allows you to keep the fun going well into the night. You have plenty of options—overhead lighting or in ground pathway lighting, LED or solar—choose what you love most!

Designing your yard is an opportunity to express yourself and to create a private getaway for you and your family.

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